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  1. José Neves's rating of the film Miss Oyu

    Digitally restaured, rewatched. That forest in traveling, filmed according to a double look, of the camera and the supposed subjective look of a character, in which the protagonist is first shown, is of an overwhelming in all according to the excellence of a melodrama structured according to cinematic language

  2. FISCHER's rating of the film Miss Oyu

    D'une banale intrigue romanesque, a priori sans réelle originalité scénaristique, Kenji Mizoguchi dégage un somptueux mélodrame feutré, traversé de part en part de constants débordements sentimentaux toujours (discrètement, mais non sans déchirements) maîtrisés, accompagnés de ses incessants et douloureux corollaires d'évitements et de frustrations.

  3. Tabikenezer von Higglesbloom's rating of the film Miss Oyu

  4. Daniel S.'s rating of the film Miss Oyu

    I liked a lot the first scene in the forest when Shinnosuke falls in love with Miss Oyu and, above all, the way Mizoguchi manages to hide Shizu's face during the whole scene. Recommended.

  5. In Prague's rating of the film Miss Oyu

    yes, life is a bitch. an asynchronous one.

  6. Espen Nomedal's rating of the film Miss Oyu

    Despite the fact that the pale faces of brave heroines in Kenji Mizoguchi's films are memorable, they usually are smashed unrecognizable by brick walls of social formalities that at distance looks like green grass of home. So its no surprise that this musical love story with trees shot in backlight more gorgeous than National Geographic, splice parental guided marriage with suicidal tendency as a perfect matchmaker.