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  1. Photo of John Woo

    John Woo Director

  2. Photo of Robert Towne

    Robert Towne Screenplay

  3. Photo of Ronald D. Moore

    Ronald D. Moore Screenplay

  4. Photo of Brannon Braga

    Brannon Braga Screenplay

  5. Photo of Thandie Newton

    Thandie Newton Cast

  6. Photo of Dougray Scott

    Dougray Scott Cast

  7. Photo of Ving Rhames

    Ving Rhames Cast

  8. Photo of William Mapother

    William Mapother Cast

  9. Photo of Richard Roxburgh

    Richard Roxburgh Cast

  10. Photo of John Polson

    John Polson Cast

  11. Photo of Brendan Gleeson

    Brendan Gleeson Cast

  12. Photo of Rade Šerbedžija

    Rade Šerbedžija Cast

  13. Photo of Dominic Purcell

    Dominic Purcell Cast

  14. Photo of Anthony Hopkins

    Anthony Hopkins Cast

  15. Photo of Jeffrey L. Kimball

    Jeffrey L. Kimball Cinematography

  16. Photo of Hans Zimmer

    Hans Zimmer Music

  17. Photo of Paula Wagner

    Paula Wagner Producer

  18. Photo of Tom Cruise

    Tom Cruise Producer and Cast

  19. Photo of Terence Chang

    Terence Chang Executive Producer

  20. Photo of Paul Hitchcock

    Paul Hitchcock Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Steven Kemper

    Steven Kemper Editing

  22. Photo of Christian Wagner

    Christian Wagner Editing