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  1. Photo of Brian De Palma

    Brian De Palma Director

  2. Photo of David Koepp

    David Koepp Screenplay

  3. Photo of Robert Towne

    Robert Towne Screenplay

  4. Photo of Steven Zaillian

    Steven Zaillian Screenplay

  5. Photo of Bruce Geller

    Bruce Geller Screenplay

  6. Photo of Tom Cruise

    Tom Cruise Cast and Producer

  7. Photo of Emmanuelle Béart

    Emmanuelle Béart Cast

  8. Photo of Jon Voight

    Jon Voight Cast

  9. Photo of Ving Rhames

    Ving Rhames Cast

  10. Photo of Jean Reno

    Jean Reno Cast

  11. Photo of Vanessa Redgrave

    Vanessa Redgrave Cast

  12. Photo of Henry Czerny

    Henry Czerny Cast

  13. Photo of Kristin Scott Thomas

    Kristin Scott Thomas Cast

  14. Photo of Emilio Estevez

    Emilio Estevez Cast

  15. Photo of Ingeborga Dapkunaite

    Ingeborga Dapkunaite Cast

  16. Photo of Stephen H. Burum

    Stephen H. Burum Cinematography

  17. Photo of Danny Elfman

    Danny Elfman Music

  18. Photo of Norman Reynolds

    Norman Reynolds Production Design

  19. Photo of Paula Wagner

    Paula Wagner Producer

  20. Photo of Paul Hitchcock

    Paul Hitchcock Executive Producer

  21. Photo of Paul Hirsch

    Paul Hirsch Editing

  22. Photo of Penny Rose

    Penny Rose Costume Design