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  1. Photo of Nicholas Webster

    Nicholas Webster Director

  2. Photo of Mort Fallick

    Mort Fallick Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Everett Rosenthal

    Everett Rosenthal Producer

  4. Photo of Lawrence Applebaum

    Lawrence Applebaum Producer

  5. Photo of Michael St. Clair

    Michael St. Clair Screenplay

  6. Photo of Aubrey Wisberg

    Aubrey Wisberg Screenplay

  7. Photo of Clifford H. Poland Jr.

    Clifford H. Poland Jr. Cinematography

  8. Photo of Darren McGavin

    Darren McGavin Cast

  9. Photo of Nick Adams

    Nick Adams Cast

  10. Photo of George De Vries

    George De Vries Cast

  11. Photo of Heather Hewitt

    Heather Hewitt Cast

  12. Photo of Michael DeBeausset

    Michael DeBeausset Cast

  13. Photo of Shirley Parker

    Shirley Parker Cast

  14. Photo of Paul Jordan

    Paul Jordan Editing

  15. Photo of Hank Aldrich

    Hank Aldrich Production Design

  16. Photo of Berge Kalajian

    Berge Kalajian Music

  17. Photo of Gus Pardalis

    Gus Pardalis Music

  18. Photo of Jack Barry

    Jack Barry Sound

  19. Photo of Sanford Rackow

    Sanford Rackow Sound

  20. Photo of Grover Cole

    Grover Cole Costume Design