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  1. Photo of Francesco Lagi

    Francesco Lagi Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Donatella Botti

    Donatella Botti Producer

  3. Photo of Umberto Contarello

    Umberto Contarello Screenplay

  4. Photo of Filippo Gravino

    Filippo Gravino Screenplay

  5. Photo of Marco Pettenello

    Marco Pettenello Screenplay

  6. Photo of Arnaldo Catinari

    Arnaldo Catinari Cinematography

  7. Photo of Silvio Orlando

    Silvio Orlando Cast

  8. Photo of Francesco Brandi

    Francesco Brandi Cast

  9. Photo of Alba Rohrwacher

    Alba Rohrwacher Cast

  10. Photo of Filippo Timi

    Filippo Timi Cast

  11. Photo of Antonella Attili

    Antonella Attili Cast

  12. Photo of Tommaso Ragno

    Tommaso Ragno Cast

  13. Photo of Ivo Ban

    Ivo Ban Cast

  14. Photo of Bugo

    Bugo Cast and Music

  15. Photo of Stefano Rota

    Stefano Rota Cast

  16. Photo of Mariano Pirrello

    Mariano Pirrello Cast

  17. Photo of Francesco Colella

    Francesco Colella Cast

  18. Photo of Aram Kian

    Aram Kian Cast

  19. Photo of Bozidar Smiljanic

    Bozidar Smiljanic Cast

  20. Photo of Frank Crudele

    Frank Crudele Cast

  21. Photo of Branko Vikich

    Branko Vikich Cast

  22. Photo of Danilo Torre

    Danilo Torre Editing

  23. Photo of Mauro Vanzati

    Mauro Vanzati Production Design

  24. Photo of Valentino Giannì

    Valentino Giannì Sound