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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Johnny Wyckoff's rating of the film Miyamoto Musashi VI

    This film was excellent!! Boring battles abound. If you're looking for a bloodbath or an interesting film, search instead for Inagaki or Kurosawa. If you desperately desire mediocre sword battles, little-to-no death counts, amorous encounters that leave you in onanistic limbo, or questions as to why these otherwise talented actors agreed to shooting this film after reading the script, look no further!

  2. Samuel T.'s rating of the film Miyamoto Musashi VI

    3? I don't know. Unless you're REALLY invested in Uchida, I suggest sparing rather than spearing 11.5 hours of your life to conquer this series. This last one has some highly questionable moments that heighten the fun factor, and while it opens strong, overall I found the entire epic pretty darn snoozy. It helped to have at least one other person on board, to see another haggard face after each viewing session.