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  1. Photo of Roger Mills

    Roger Mills Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Murad Rayani

    Murad Rayani Director, Screenplay

  3. Photo of Colin Angell

    Colin Angell Cinematography

  4. Photo of Harry Belafonte

    Harry Belafonte Cast

  5. Photo of Salim Amin

    Salim Amin Cast, Producer, Executive Producer

  6. Photo of Alex Richardson

    Alex Richardson Editing

  7. Photo of André Jacquemin

    André Jacquemin Music

  8. Photo of Leul Abate

    Leul Abate Cast

  9. Photo of Dolly Amin

    Dolly Amin Cast

  10. Photo of Farzana Amin

    Farzana Amin Cast