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  1. sahandmohajer's rating of the film Mobile Home

    why mubi thought this was worth showing?

  2. gzegosch's rating of the film Mobile Home

  3. captainfez's rating of the film Mobile Home

    Yeah, your mum's too good to you.

  4. findfilm's rating of the film Mobile Home

    A slow burner of a film that neatly encapsulates the time of life when impulsive decisions are literally life-changing. 2 lads from Belgium act on a romantic notion to hit the road but find that family loyalty and animosity are powerful driving forces in their lives and decisions. Add in the overwhelming urge for romance and procreation and an impulsive act becomes mired in complications. Ultimately rewarding.

  5. lou.'s rating of the film Mobile Home

    Not bad, considering the so contemporary uncertainty issue that affects the 30-something generation (to wich I belong too): the difficulty of making choices even though we intimately know what's right for ourselves. Every choice is a renunciation, and you must learn to deal with it. Keep your ground and stay is as much tough as leave and try to move forward. In both cases, courage is key. And the end is open.

  6. Raquel's rating of the film Mobile Home

    Boy talk over and over. Boring.

  7. Bilouaustria's rating of the film Mobile Home

    Quite ok but more or less TV material. It is a modern-day tale, with nice acting and interesting observation on this 30+ generation kind of stucked with their lives. But it never brightens our horizon, you see it all coming, it aims small and succeeds.

  8. Marcos Yoshi's rating of the film Mobile Home

    Light, funny, touching. Recommended! Belge countryside is nice!

  9. mrpasquali's rating of the film Mobile Home

    This movie really made reflect upon the fact of how complex it is to find a place in the world. How many people after finishing college and having some first work experiences really deal with uncertainty and confusion about which path is the right one to take. So we are here in the presence of a coming-of-age drama with an open-end. Good enough, sexy boys.