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  1. Photo of Wolfgang Liebeneiner

    Wolfgang Liebeneiner Director

  2. Photo of Avery Hopwood

    Avery Hopwood Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jacob Geis

    Jacob Geis Screenplay

  4. Photo of Heinz Rühmann

    Heinz Rühmann Cast and Screenplay

  5. Photo of Leny Marenbach

    Leny Marenbach Cast

  6. Photo of Hans Söhnker

    Hans Söhnker Cast

  7. Photo of Heli Finkenzeller

    Heli Finkenzeller Cast

  8. Photo of Werner Fuetterer

    Werner Fuetterer Cast

  9. Photo of Alexa von Porembsky

    Alexa von Porembsky Cast

  10. Photo of Jola Jobst

    Jola Jobst Cast

  11. Photo of Leopold von Ledebur

    Leopold von Ledebur Cast

  12. Photo of Josi Holsten

    Josi Holsten Cast

  13. Photo of Georg H. Schnell

    Georg H. Schnell Cast

  14. Photo of Hans Stiebner

    Hans Stiebner Cast

  15. Photo of Otto Matthies

    Otto Matthies Cast

  16. Photo of Werner Pledath

    Werner Pledath Cast

  17. Photo of Richard Ulrich

    Richard Ulrich Cast

  18. Photo of Ernst Legal

    Ernst Legal Cast

  19. Photo of Carl-August Dennert

    Carl-August Dennert Cast

  20. Photo of Angelo Ferrari

    Angelo Ferrari Cast

  21. Photo of Max Holzboer

    Max Holzboer Cast

  22. Photo of Theo Stolzenberg

    Theo Stolzenberg Cast

  23. Photo of Rudolf Essek

    Rudolf Essek Cast

  24. Photo of Armin Schweizer

    Armin Schweizer Cast

  25. Photo of Karl-Heinz Reppert

    Karl-Heinz Reppert Cast

  26. Photo of Werner Bohne

    Werner Bohne Cinematography

  27. Photo of Hans Sommer

    Hans Sommer Music

  28. Photo of Otto Guelstorff

    Otto Guelstorff Production Design

  29. Photo of Hans Minzloff

    Hans Minzloff Production Design

  30. Photo of Herbert Engelsing

    Herbert Engelsing Executive Producer

  31. Photo of Otto Ernst Lubitz

    Otto Ernst Lubitz Executive Producer

  32. Photo of Gustav Lohse

    Gustav Lohse Editing

  33. Photo of Alfred Norkus

    Alfred Norkus Sound