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  1. pandakuma's rating of the film Moebius

    i had to paused and took breaks outside. too intense.

  2. bouvardila's rating of the film Moebius

    An introduction to Kim Ki-Duk

  3. Yuu.'s rating of the film Moebius

  4. Leti's rating of the film Moebius

    this was one of the most weirdest movies i ever watched, omg

  5. Boyuan123's rating of the film Moebius

    At first I was like "Holy shit this is going to be the most amazing movie I've ever seen!", then by the end all I could think was "Well that was just silly."

  6. Insane Reverb's rating of the film Moebius

    Kim Ki Duk does it again in a tumultuous way of feelings, controversy, pleasure, pain and...

  7. David Grillo's rating of the film Moebius

    Möbius strip structured film about double castration. Of the better no-dialogue films as it forgoes symbolic interpreting for a purely reflexive discursive style. Father and son bond over mutual castration, pain and pleasure amount to the same thing, phallic rise constitutes libidinal order, rape signals future castration, father's impotence, oedipal urge, imprisonment over penile exposure. Thank god we can talk.

  8. Pelicant's rating of the film Moebius

    “All happy families are alike; each unhappy family is unhappy in its own way.”

  9. Sasha's rating of the film Moebius

    Maybe not a solid four but still a darkly humorous look at sexual repression, rape, revenge et al, told in an almost greek tragedy story archetype.

  10. Nick Potter's rating of the film Moebius

    I applaud the ambition in being dialogue-free, but not much of this film actually worked for me at all. Too much shock without any real purpose.

  11. Monkey Flix's rating of the film Moebius

  12. David R Williams's rating of the film Moebius

    The bleakest and blackest of dark comedies. Not that there's a single laugh to be found in this deranged tale of infidelity, castration, perversion and incest. Also not a word spoken but lots of hissing, groaning and screaming. Absolutely absurd. Sometimes surreal. References to Genet? Cronenbergian body horror? Not to mention sex with rocks and masturbating with knives. You may not like it but you need to watch it.

  13. Eric Eidelstein's rating of the film Moebius

    No dialogue. Mom castrates her son. Eats his dick. Provocative Oedipal exercise.

  14. filmotrope's rating of the film Moebius

    What actually bothers me in this disturbing - and perversely hilarious - Korean Oedipal-Buddhist parable is not those hard-to-stomach scenes of genital mutilation, rape and incest but how technically awful it all is - the lighting, continuity, clumsy zooms and ugly camera movements.

  15. Cyrus Dayani's rating of the film Moebius

    WILD & DISTURBING. I thought about quitting on this a couple times but I'm glad I made it through. Easy to argue that it's a gratuitous roller-coaster ride but I didn't feel that way after, honestly I appreciate that this took me somewhere I'd never been. Once a penis got cut off I was caught-up by the ride that I didn't see this as High Art. So it's entertainment then, wild enough to have meaningful value for some.

  16. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Moebius

    (1.5 stars) I appreciate the ambition of making a movie with no dialogue. The lack of dialogue really serves no purpose for the narrative of this film so that was confusing. I guess the director was just doing it to do it. Whatever. The story itself tries to be shocking, but really plays one note the whole way through. Was a bit boring after a while. Great opening however.

  17. teler_thriller's rating of the film Moebius

    Personally, I'm gonna say that Kim Ki Duk has always created an interesting sight of violence. Sometimes, it's too extraordinary to digest, just like this movie. I get the feeling that he wants to describe that a family can be trapped in this 'Moebius' environment

  18. Superfrog's rating of the film Moebius

    Works surprisingly well, if not as well as 3-iron. Less shocking than it should be as belief is suspended early on ( too much ) and the whole thing becomes a what if. Some of the needlessly chatty directors could really do with a screening of that. I can't imagine words which would add anything to this piece.

  19. film_lies101's rating of the film Moebius

    The most transgressive silent film ever made. I really "liked" this, I probably won't ever watch it again. This was some punishing shit to be sure, it's Ki-Duk so that's most least shocking thing about it.

  20. vxpl's rating of the film Moebius

    what a weird and horrifying trip. i just loved how it was dialogue-free

  21. Diana Crişan's rating of the film Moebius

  22. Gustavo Razera's rating of the film Moebius

    Pleasurable pain, painful pleasure, tears, and blood as ejaculation. All 100% dialogue-free. Cleanse your soul after watching this.

  23. La Schiff's rating of the film Moebius

    everyone is calling this a "black comedy" of sorts but ya, it wasn't meant to be. i cant even classify it as "so bad it's good" because every scene is just shock value after shock value and it fails to hold interest being so absurd. zero character development, they're all hollow and nuts. i wish it was more self-satirical. i kind of enjoyed the ironic ending.

  24. riraru's rating of the film Moebius

    Kein Wort zuviel und auch nur einmal Musik. Völlig grotesk-widerlich-perverse Freud'sche Geschichte; sehr unterhaltsam.

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