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  1. Charlotte Normand's rating of the film Moka

  2. NOEMÍ ZAMBRANA IGLESIAS's rating of the film Moka

    Un film sobre, peut-être un petit peu trop fragile... Bonne interprétation des deux actrices principales.

  3. riraru's rating of the film Moka

    Etwas gewöhnlich. Ein ähnlicher Film wurde vor einigen Jahren mal für Sat.1 produziert; natürlich weniger subtil.

  4. Funda Can Çuvalcı's rating of the film Moka

    A standard drama yet the acting was good.

  5. captainfez's rating of the film Moka

  6. msmichel's rating of the film Moka

    Fairly standard thriller from director Frederic Mermoud that tells a tale of obsession and potential revenge. Emmanuelle Devos scores here as a woman intently looking for the drivers of a vehicle that resulted in her son's death giving a tightly wound performance. Also registering are strong supporting turns from the ever reliable Nathalie Baye and D. Clavel. Scripting a touch generic resulting in middling results.

  7. ana's rating of the film Moka

    Interesting story, beautiful scenery

  8. Zineu Simionato's rating of the film Moka

  9. Jeremy's rating of the film Moka

    Not bad. A pretty solid if unremarkable little drama. Nice ending, too.

  10. Stevie M's rating of the film Moka

    A tense thriller with good performances from Devos and Baye - and visually impressive, too. However, there were a few too many set pieces (e.g. the third car she investigates, the third door she tries at the house, etc) to make it really stand out from the ordinary. Still quite an enjoyable film though.

  11. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Moka

    Superb lead performances help to make this a superior slice of drama, and there's a satisfying third act that resolves things neatly without somehow making it all seem TOO neat.

  12. glhrmefc's rating of the film Moka

    Enjoyable tense drama-thriller with a great acting from Emmanuelle Devos.

  13. Michael Diers's rating of the film Moka

    Anfangs fehlte mir die Logik im Handeln der Mutter. Je weiter die Handlung dann vorankam, als desto tragischer entpuppten sich die Hintergründe um den Unfall.

  14. Edward Morris's rating of the film Moka

    A mother's love and the psychologically devastating effect of a child's death. Coupled with adultery and incest. And firearms. And a cool car. If Simenom didn't write the book someone else is as good as Simenon.

  15. anacecil's rating of the film Moka

    Muy buena, un suspenso increible y un final no esperado. Nos muestra la contradicción de los sentimientos y el deseo de venganza. Los actores son excelentes !!!

  16. filmotrope's rating of the film Moka

    An unconvincing revenge story that doesn't manage to make us feel sorry for its main character as it should, being just another forgettable film among so many others and with many problems that are hard to overlook, like Olivier Chantreau's complete lack of purpose in the narrative.

  17. rociof's rating of the film Moka

    Espacio desperdiciado entre situaciones. Una película media.

  18. Zanna Walsh's rating of the film Moka

    A total, let's watch this, mainly because of female leads. And what an enjoyable discovery it was. Wonderful performances from the two women, subtle, real, and ultimately moving. I disagree with someone who said they felt the ending saccharine. I thought it was the right ending for me, a mother connecting with her dead son, through those he cared for in life. Really lovely.

  19. alimcintyre's rating of the film Moka

    Beautifully shot, sensitive acting. Enjoyable enough but not earth-shattering.

  20. wiwitaek's rating of the film Moka

    3,5. Really heartbreaking, moving and so detailed but not memorable.

  21. McOpinionated's rating of the film Moka

    Tense and somewhat believable story of poker-faced mother seeking out those culpable for a hit-n-run. Reasonable central performances. So why 4* rather than 3? There was just something I liked about this, it was rather an unusual film that celebrates motherhood, I guess. Certainly isn't "Death Wish" garbage.

  22. CircuitBenT's rating of the film Moka

    Chilling performance by the lead actor... Surprising plot developments; it encourages a lot of thinking about possible outcomes and turns throughout the film, occasionally playing with expectations. The atmosphere of the landscapes with the lake make for a gripping thriller right from the beginning. Recommended!

  23. Tja's rating of the film Moka

    Made with a lightness of touch which deepens the serious and dramatic nature of the narrative. Lausanne, at once so ordered and prosperous and yet so creepy. The stormy weather and the choppy lake underscore the anger which drives the lead character's pursuit of revenge. Surely there's Nazi gold in them there waters - or worse...?

  24. Marc of Toronto's rating of the film Moka

    Good, subtle performances. Francophiles will enjoy this quietly unhinged drama until the end, which has the saccharine tone of something more American.

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