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  1. Danny Indio's rating of the film Mold

    As if half awake, I watched a man who would not die deal with the unbearable burden of living after losing what he most loved - his wife and son. Bravura acting performance and great use of colors & composition to depict the man’s inner strength and sadness grounding him in the midst of the mostly uncaring State.

  2. Loz Loory's rating of the film Mold

    Grueling, astonishing, brilliant Shakespearean tragedy. So quiet, yet so loud in its keening for justice and kindness. Fantastic performance by the lead.

  3. .fsilva.'s rating of the film Mold

  4. alnsferraz's rating of the film Mold

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  5. Richard Tines's rating of the film Mold

    shhh...(mostly) understated film being viewed and reviewed...while their are some nods to political malfeasance here, those nods are more agents for the central theme of the movie, which is, in short, the agonizing purgatory of searching and waiting for closure...note to self...find a good master of this on DVD, as this is one you'll want in your collection...this one shows that MUBI is more than worth it's price...,

  6. mis marg's rating of the film Mold

    So at least he was not also dispatched by the state. Brutal DNA tester -merely informs of a match and a crestfallen father is left with a box in his arms.The woman then churlishly booking her dinner with a co worker in front of him offends us too. Man lives with quiet dignity, the pain of his having to fend off so many insults to his continuance carries away with us as the film ends. A brave and painful watch.

  7. Sidereus's rating of the film Mold

    Loneliness is one of the most terrible punishments.... Superb cinematography, great actors. Paced dialogs, moviments, all done with great delicacy.

  8. Superfrog's rating of the film Mold

    Well shot, well built, well played. By being so indirect, it fails to really pull me in. Great effort but we did not mesh ( the subtitles being out of sync for 15 minutes did not help, dear MUBI)

  9. Paul Rot's rating of the film Mold

    The movie is ok but the subtitles are absolutely out of sync. MUBI: FUCK YOU & AND YOUR CARELESSNESS!

  10. JanP's rating of the film Mold

    Deeply moving acting by Ercan Kensal. The policeman was also subtlety changed. Reminds me of the dignity and persistence of the couple in Alone in Berlin, also of another film where the spy's attitude was changed by the actions and thoughts of the people he was spying on. The slow progress of the film reflected the 18 years he had been waiting for news.

  11. Slappy McGee's rating of the film Mold

    One man's paralyzing grief. Unfortunately, the glacier-like pace was almost impossible for me to bear. Also, other than some beautiful cinematography at times, I found nothing to enjoy in this film. There are a few scenes involving an assault but the dramatic action really never rises too far and the meaning of this film (other than a reflection of his sorrow and loss) is lost on me. Sadly, I was just utterly bored.

  12. Kevin Matthews's rating of the film Mold

    Slow, almost to the point of being completely still at times, but devastatingly effective, Mold is a superb film from writer-director Ali Aydin that uses a personal tale to allude to a much bigger picture.

  13. Korial's rating of the film Mold

    "Loss and lost and losing ... To hope is human, Do not weep"

  14. nica's rating of the film Mold

    (( @mubi staff please be aware that around 40 minutes in, and 10 minutes long, the subs get about 10-15 seconds delayed and it really affects the experience ofc. )) Incredibly affecting to watch, one feels the heaviness of the weight this father is carrying throughout. The side story involving a woman would have worked better had we seen more of what she feels after instead of the men around her.

  15. Vi Pin's rating of the film Mold

    Did not have the magic of Ceylan...

  16. captainfez's rating of the film Mold

    Working on the railroad sucks: confirmed. Also sucks: Mubi's subs being out of synch for a third of the movie.

  17. saitosouta's rating of the film Mold

    Durere frigidă emană din peisaje magnifice de natură în Turcia și figura atît de solemnă a lui Ercan Kesal ne spune despre singurătatea adîncă. Dar din cauza stîngăciei de regizorul, toate se pare că gole și pretențioase. Un muget asurzitor pe care îl face un tren răsună deșert.// 雄大な自然の風景からは凍てつく痛みが滲み、エルカン・ケサルの厳粛な表情は深い孤独を饒舌に語る。だが監督の技量の無さによって、その全てが空虚で思わせぶりなだけに見える。電車が響かせる轟音も空しく響くばかりだ。

  18. Isaac Lefebvre's rating of the film Mold

    The film Mold follows the journey of a man who is in search of his son. After being left with almost nothing in his life he leaves out, following the railroad tracks to find his son who was kidnapped. The reason I gave I the film 2 stars is because it is very slowed paced and I often found myself board. It does have excellent scenery throughout the film, but overall the film is lacking when it comes to originality.

  19. between7skies's rating of the film Mold

    One of the most extraordinary films I'ver seen on unbearable grief. Ercan Kesal performance is breathtaking as it is haunting, and Uzuner is compelling. They both embodied their characters with supreme mastery. Superb minimalist cinematography. This is contemplative cinema at its best. If it wasn't for the review of Mubi viewers, I would have missed it because of faulty categorization horror, sci fi!

  20. Giulia Belloni's rating of the film Mold

    One of the best movie I ever saw in my entire life

  21. Federico Di Folco's rating of the film Mold

    Il cinema turco è sempre di livello eccelso e questa opera prima di Aydin è l'ennesima conferma:la lentezza delle inquadrature e dei piani(clamoroso il primo al commissariato) imprime ancora di più negli occhi il tormento interiore del protagonista,un uomo che rifiuta il presente dopo un passato lacerato dal dolore. Il finale è davvero un mattone sul cuore.Autoriale e profondo,ma vero cinema.3,5*

  22. bohemiancat's rating of the film Mold

    Filmi oldukça beğendim, yıllar sonra değeri daha çok anlaşılan filmlerden biri olur diye düşündüm. Film boyunca kullanılan sabit kamera açıları, mekan ve karakter ilişkisini çok iyi yansıttığından seyirci gözlemci rolüne bürünüyor ve olan biteni daha yorum yapmadan izliyoruz.

  23. amicinema's rating of the film Mold

    Ne parliamo qui:

  24. msmichel's rating of the film Mold

    FNC '12 Worthy winner of debut film at Venice, this picture written and directed by Ali Aydin is a strongly scripted tale about a man's perserverance in looking for closure despite coming under the eye of the authorities and his fellow rail workers. Ercan Kesal inhabits the lead role with an authentiicity quite wonderful to behold. Feels about a reel too long losing its antagonist far too early.

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