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  1. Photo of Robin Wright

    Robin Wright Cast

  2. Photo of Morgan Freeman

    Morgan Freeman Cast

  3. Photo of Stockard Channing

    Stockard Channing Cast

  4. Photo of Aisling Corcoran

    Aisling Corcoran Cast

  5. Photo of John Lynch

    John Lynch Cast

  6. Photo of Brenda Fricker

    Brenda Fricker Cast

  7. Photo of Geraldine James

    Geraldine James Cast

  8. Photo of Harry Towb

    Harry Towb Cast

  9. Photo of Jim Sheridan

    Jim Sheridan Cast

  10. Photo of Jeremy Brett

    Jeremy Brett Cast

  11. Photo of Britta Smith

    Britta Smith Cast

  12. Photo of Cathy Murphy

    Cathy Murphy Cast

  13. Photo of Maria Doyle Kennedy

    Maria Doyle Kennedy Cast

  14. Photo of Pen Densham

    Pen Densham Director, Producer Screenplay

  15. Photo of Daniel Defoe

    Daniel Defoe Screenplay

  16. Photo of Richard Barton Lewis

    Richard Barton Lewis Producer

  17. Photo of Morgan O'Sullivan

    Morgan O'Sullivan Executive Producer

  18. Photo of John Watson

    John Watson Producer

  19. Photo of Mark Mancina

    Mark Mancina Music

  20. Photo of David Tattersall

    David Tattersall Cinematography

  21. Photo of James R. Symons

    James R. Symons Editing

  22. Photo of Neil Travis

    Neil Travis Editing

  23. Photo of Caroline Hanania

    Caroline Hanania Production Design