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  1. Photo of F. Richard Jones

    F. Richard Jones Director

  2. Photo of Mack Sennett

    Mack Sennett Producer and Screenplay

  3. Photo of John Grey

    John Grey Screenplay

  4. Photo of Mary Hunt

    Mary Hunt Screenplay

  5. Photo of Frederick Stowers

    Frederick Stowers Screenplay

  6. Photo of Fred Jackman

    Fred Jackman Cinematography

  7. Photo of Homer Scott

    Homer Scott Cinematography

  8. Photo of Mabel Normand

    Mabel Normand Cast

  9. Photo of George Nichols

    George Nichols Cast

  10. Photo of Anna Dodge

    Anna Dodge Cast

  11. Photo of Albert Hackett

    Albert Hackett Cast

  12. Photo of Eddie Gribbon

    Eddie Gribbon Cast

  13. Photo of Jack Mulhall

    Jack Mulhall Cast

  14. Photo of Lowell Sherman

    Lowell Sherman Cast

  15. Photo of Ben Deeley

    Ben Deeley Cast

  16. Photo of Gloria Davenport

    Gloria Davenport Cast

  17. Photo of Carl Stockdale

    Carl Stockdale Cast

  18. Photo of Eugenie Besserer

    Eugenie Besserer Cast

  19. Photo of Floy Guinn

    Floy Guinn Cast

  20. Photo of Irene

    Irene Cast

  21. Photo of Mildred June

    Mildred June Cast

  22. Photo of Kathryn McGuire

    Kathryn McGuire Cast

  23. Photo of John B. O'Brien

    John B. O'Brien Cast

  24. Photo of Peggy Rompers

    Peggy Rompers Cast

  25. Photo of Ben Turpin

    Ben Turpin Cast

  26. Photo of Allen McNeil

    Allen McNeil Editing

  27. Photo of Sanford D. Barnes

    Sanford D. Barnes Production Design

  28. Photo of Violet Schofield

    Violet Schofield Costume Design