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  1. fuogofugato's rating of the film Molly's Game

    Snappy and swift like it's 1940. A show-offy audiobook on speed, gets corny and phony in the later stages but even those final mollifying scenes (pun intended) have a certain verve and wit to them. An amusing thrill ride, its almost two and a half hours whisk by seamlessly.

  2. Stefano De Putti's rating of the film Molly's Game

    Quanto mi ha fatto arrancare questo film...

  3. Cinema Omnivore's rating of the film Molly's Game

    7.0/10, my review: "too avaricious in indulging its maker’s ideology to its own good, however sagacious his intention is."

  4. OldGermanCurrency's rating of the film Molly's Game

  5. Matt Richards's rating of the film Molly's Game

    Interesting enough story that is just absolutely ruined by showy, cliche-riddled writing, murky and dated lighting, way too much voice-over and a cripplingly duration. I smelt a rat the moment her helmet and goggles magically slid up next to her after the ski-accident. 2.5 stars

  6. Madeleine Davis's rating of the film Molly's Game

    strong female character!! ... from a man's POV. Great that she has so many strong men who can stand up for her and facilitate her emotional arc tho. Really lucky. Also can someone do a count of how many times the phrase "lost the game" appeared in this script

  7. Andhika Eka Buana's rating of the film Molly's Game

    The thing about Aaron Sorkin-scripted drama is, it's always Aaron Sorkin's film/show first, everyone else's second, and nothing is more evident about that than MOLLY'S GAME; You don't always need Fincher's exquisite lensing or Boyle's energetic editing to make a good Aaron Sorkin film (though those are all a magnificent bonus in itself). You just need an Aaron Sorkin's script.

  8. The Mayor Of Hell's rating of the film Molly's Game

    Long maybe overlong but this is Sorkin one of our great writers. Annoying to some his prose is rich and always interesting. His characters are otherworldly with their intelligence because they are speaking his words. His directorial debut is very well done and delicious with words. The poker stories are great and engrossing to the layman or the pro. Vera is great as the pseudo Maguire. The layout is nicely done

  9. mikong's rating of the film Molly's Game

    jessica chastain's presence

  10. Disa's rating of the film Molly's Game

  11. Loz Loory's rating of the film Molly's Game

    2.5 Idris Elba does a fantastic job trying to make this movie more exciting. Unfortunately, the story is mostly a repetitive series of flashbacks: Jessica Chastain in short dresses, fancy poker tables, and swanky rooms. Perhaps gamblers are the target audience. I found Molly's ultimate decision to be silly, as her name doesn't seem like anything sacrosanct at this point. Take the money and run!

  12. paul_quixote's rating of the film Molly's Game

    Grating score. Making this a Tale Of Overcoming Adversity was such a miss. The least compelling thread of Bloom's story (the legal case against her) was bizarrely the focus here. Elba is great but we don't need a moral center we need to dive deeper into the darkness. There are so many interesting doors opened that are never walked through. Pity. I will say I left wanting to see a 180+ minute Sorkin movie.

  13. nadnab's rating of the film Molly's Game

  14. epiphany_moment2000's rating of the film Molly's Game

    Super fun, if you turn your brain off, and the costume design is gag-worthy and fabulous.

  15. barbosajoca's rating of the film Molly's Game

  16. Jeremy Ashlyn's rating of the film Molly's Game

    "I felt like I was in a hole so deep, I could go fracking" garbage.

  17. aliasgenius's rating of the film Molly's Game

    Brilliance in dialogue, Chastain & Elba. High hopes don't always pay out, they do here. 4.25/5

  18. ABVH's rating of the film Molly's Game

    It finally happened, he overwrote it.

  19. Sean Patrick Stevens's rating of the film Molly's Game

    The sign of a good poker movie is the ability to enjoy the film without even knowing how to play poker!

  20. A.B. II: The Return's rating of the film Molly's Game

    While perhaps not as fully refined as "The Social Network" or "Steve Jobs," this film is nonetheless a confident directorial debut by writer Aaron Sorkin. Besides featuring his trademark style of dazzling dialogue, it has a "Goodfellas" level of detail and intrigue about its world, simultaneously seductive and devastating. Plus, Chastain and Elba each add another strong performance to their considerable resumes.

  21. Andreia's rating of the film Molly's Game

  22. chanandre's rating of the film Molly's Game

    [That frosted FKA Twig tho!] Sorkin=The Ovid/Dante of Screenwriting. Chastain will give a run for its money to McDormand, Streep, Ronan, Ejogo, Winslet, Mara, Waterston, Portman, Blanchett, Keough, Ridley, Wright, Hoeks, Juri, Armas, Rihanna & Delevingne> long overdue (oh hi Tree of Life) - I reckon this may well be a sort of spiritual successor - character-wise - to that one, here she plays a bawss Mother Nature.

  23. msmichel's rating of the film Molly's Game

    Sorkin's excellent scripting serves him well in his directorial debut as he delivers a fine vehicle for star Jessica Chastain that plays to her strengths. Technically the film is well edited and designed with impressive camerawork from Charlotte Christensen. In the end the film succeeds on the power of its story and framework and the dedicated turn by Chastain.

  24. AALC's rating of the film Molly's Game

    Just another ordinary drama.

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