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  1. Photo of Michal Bat-Adam

    Michal Bat-Adam Director, Screenplay Cast

  2. Photo of Brigitte Catillon

    Brigitte Catillon Cast

  3. Photo of Assi Dayan

    Assi Dayan Cast

  4. Photo of Avi Pnini

    Avi Pnini Cast

  5. Photo of Eliram Dekel

    Eliram Dekel Cast

  6. Photo of Dahn Ben Amotz

    Dahn Ben Amotz Cast

  7. Photo of Ariella Rabinovich

    Ariella Rabinovich Cast

  8. Photo of Marek Rozenbaum

    Marek Rozenbaum Cast

  9. Photo of Menashe Warshavsky

    Menashe Warshavsky Cast

  10. Photo of Yves Lafaye

    Yves Lafaye Cinematography

  11. Photo of Hubert Rostaing

    Hubert Rostaing Music

  12. Photo of Ludwig van Beethoven

    Ludwig van Beethoven Music

  13. Photo of Moshé Mizrahi

    Moshé Mizrahi Producer and Art Department

  14. Photo of Rudy Cohen

    Rudy Cohen Producer

  15. Photo of Sophie Coussein

    Sophie Coussein Editing

  16. Photo of Vincent Arnardi

    Vincent Arnardi Sound

  17. Photo of Jacques Lévy

    Jacques Lévy Sound

  18. Photo of Jean-François Naudon

    Jean-François Naudon Sound

  19. Photo of Jean Nény

    Jean Nény Sound

  20. Photo of Georges Prat

    Georges Prat Sound