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  1. Photo of Richard Stroud

    Richard Stroud Director

  2. Photo of Richard Signy

    Richard Signy Director

  3. Photo of Robert Knights

    Robert Knights Director

  4. Photo of David Caffrey

    David Caffrey Director

  5. Photo of Edward Bennett

    Edward Bennett Director

  6. Photo of A.J. Quinn

    A.J. Quinn Director

  7. Photo of Simon Massey

    Simon Massey Director

  8. Photo of Ian Knox

    Ian Knox Director

  9. Photo of Paul Harrison

    Paul Harrison Director

  10. Photo of Marcus D.F. White

    Marcus D.F. White Director

  11. Photo of Brian Kelly

    Brian Kelly Director

  12. Photo of Julian Holmes

    Julian Holmes Director

  13. Photo of Michael Chaplin

    Michael Chaplin Screenplay

  14. Photo of Niall Leonard

    Niall Leonard Screenplay

  15. Photo of John Martin Johnson

    John Martin Johnson Screenplay

  16. Photo of Mark Holloway

    Mark Holloway Screenplay

  17. Photo of Andrew Taft

    Andrew Taft Screenplay

  18. Photo of Stuart Hepburn

    Stuart Hepburn Screenplay

  19. Photo of Colin Wyatt

    Colin Wyatt Screenplay

  20. Photo of Leslie Stewart

    Leslie Stewart Screenplay

  21. Photo of Patrick Wilde

    Patrick Wilde Screenplay

  22. Photo of Jeremy Front

    Jeremy Front Screenplay

  23. Photo of Robert Fraser

    Robert Fraser Screenplay

  24. Photo of Compton MacKenzie

    Compton MacKenzie Novel

  25. Photo of Alastair Mackenzie

    Alastair Mackenzie Cast

  26. Photo of Richard Briers

    Richard Briers Cast

  27. Photo of Susan Hampshire

    Susan Hampshire Cast

  28. Photo of Alexander Morton

    Alexander Morton Cast

  29. Photo of Dawn Steele

    Dawn Steele Cast

  30. Photo of Lorraine Pilkington

    Lorraine Pilkington Cast

  31. Photo of Hamish Clark

    Hamish Clark Cast

  32. Photo of Julian Fellowes

    Julian Fellowes Cast

  33. Photo of Lloyd Owen

    Lloyd Owen Cast

  34. Photo of Tom Baker

    Tom Baker Cast

  35. Photo of Martin Compston

    Martin Compston Cast

  36. Photo of Rae Hendrie

    Rae Hendrie Cast

  37. Photo of Simon Brint

    Simon Brint Music

  38. Photo of Douglas Rae

    Douglas Rae Executive Producer

  39. Photo of Barbara McKissack

    Barbara McKissack Executive Producer

  40. Photo of Robert Bernstein

    Robert Bernstein Executive Producer

  41. Photo of Victoria Evans

    Victoria Evans Executive Producer

  42. Photo of Gaynor Holmes

    Gaynor Holmes Executive Producer