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  1. Photo of Gil Atamian

    Gil Atamian Executive Producer

  2. Photo of Harry H. Novak

    Harry H. Novak Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Sherman Greene

    Sherman Greene Screenplay

  4. Photo of László Kovács

    László Kovács Cinematography

  5. Photo of Vilmos Zsigmond

    Vilmos Zsigmond Cinematography

  6. Photo of Humble Harve Miller

    Humble Harve Miller Cast

  7. Photo of Midget Farrelly

    Midget Farrelly Cast

  8. Photo of Skipper Fats

    Skipper Fats Cast

  9. Photo of Steve Gaines

    Steve Gaines Cast

  10. Photo of Charlie Galento

    Charlie Galento Cast

  11. Photo of Mike Haley

    Mike Haley Cast

  12. Photo of Paul Hunt

    Paul Hunt Cast

  13. Photo of Cara Peters

    Cara Peters Cast

  14. Photo of Walt Phillips

    Walt Phillips Cast

  15. Photo of William Rotsler

    William Rotsler Cast

  16. Photo of Butch Van Artsdale

    Butch Van Artsdale Cast

  17. Photo of Dewey Weber

    Dewey Weber Cast

  18. Photo of Mike Weldon

    Mike Weldon Cast

  19. Photo of Dave Willingham

    Dave Willingham Cast

  20. Photo of Peter Perry Jr.

    Peter Perry Jr. Editing, Director Producer

  21. Photo of Earl Marshall

    Earl Marshall Production Design

  22. Photo of Fred Badiyan

    Fred Badiyan Sound

  23. Photo of Bob Dietz

    Bob Dietz Sound