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  1. Photo of Émile Zola

    Émile Zola Screenplay

  2. Photo of Carl Theodor Dreyer

    Carl Theodor Dreyer Screenplay

  3. Photo of Karl Mantzius

    Karl Mantzius Cast and Director

  4. Photo of Robert Schyberg

    Robert Schyberg Cast

  5. Photo of Augusta Blad

    Augusta Blad Cast

  6. Photo of Peter Nielsen

    Peter Nielsen Cast

  7. Photo of Carl Lauritzen

    Carl Lauritzen Cast

  8. Photo of Frederik Jacobsen

    Frederik Jacobsen Cast

  9. Photo of Christian Schrøder

    Christian Schrøder Cast

  10. Photo of Jutta Lund

    Jutta Lund Cast

  11. Photo of Svend Aggerholm

    Svend Aggerholm Cast

  12. Photo of Alma Hinding

    Alma Hinding Cast

  13. Photo of Lily Frederiksen

    Lily Frederiksen Cast

  14. Photo of Aage Hertel

    Aage Hertel Cast

  15. Photo of Peter Jørgensen

    Peter Jørgensen Cast

  16. Photo of Erik Holberg

    Erik Holberg Cast

  17. Photo of Torben Meyer

    Torben Meyer Cast

  18. Photo of Oscar Nielsen

    Oscar Nielsen Cast

  19. Photo of Ingeborg Spangsfeldt

    Ingeborg Spangsfeldt Cast