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  1. Photo of Tseng Li-ting

    Tseng Li-ting Screenplay

  2. Photo of Ethan Ruan

    Ethan Ruan Cast

  3. Photo of Mark Chao

    Mark Chao Cast

  4. Photo of Ma Ju-lung

    Ma Ju-lung Cast

  5. Photo of Ko Chia-yen

    Ko Chia-yen Cast

  6. Photo of Rhydian Vaughan

    Rhydian Vaughan Cast

  7. Photo of Yao Cheng-Chung

    Yao Cheng-Chung Producer

  8. Photo of Chang Hsueh-Shun

    Chang Hsueh-Shun Producer

  9. Photo of Lieh Lee

    Lieh Lee Producer, Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Alan Tong

    Alan Tong Producer

  11. Photo of Chan Ya-Wen

    Chan Ya-Wen Producer

  12. Photo of Sandee Chan

    Sandee Chan Music

  13. Photo of Jake Pollock

    Jake Pollock Cinematography

  14. Photo of Mei Ching Huang

    Mei Ching Huang Production Design

  15. Photo of Chen Po-Jen

    Chen Po-Jen Production Design

  16. Photo of Jason Wang

    Jason Wang Cast

  17. Photo of Tsai Chang-hsien

    Tsai Chang-hsien Cast

  18. Photo of Huang Teng-hui

    Huang Teng-hui Cast

  19. Photo of Chen Han-Dian

    Chen Han-Dian Cast

  20. Photo of Hsing Feng

    Hsing Feng Cast

  21. Photo of Lin Hsiu-ling

    Lin Hsiu-ling Cast

  22. Photo of Xi Man Ning

    Xi Man Ning Cast

  23. Photo of Lu Yi-Ching

    Lu Yi-Ching Cast

  24. Photo of Doze Niu

    Doze Niu Executive Producer, Cast, Director, Producer

  25. Photo of Shih Yi Chu

    Shih Yi Chu Sound