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  1. grotesc's rating of the film Mongol

  2. conchobar's rating of the film Mongol

  3. Trunfos's rating of the film Mongol

  4. J. O.'s rating of the film Mongol

    Though there was a lot less warlord and a lot more tenderness, this was a rather fantastic film about Genghis Khan. While beautiful cinematography sweeps across the steppe, incredible horse stunts, gorgeous production design, and great performances sell the world. It focused heavily on his personal life rather than his unifying the warring clans, which was surprisingly calm, and even meditative, at times.

  5. Hala's rating of the film Mongol

  6. Junda Mane's rating of the film Mongol

    An epic thats surprisingly tender in execution. Mr Cool himself Asano is beautifully restrained in a tremendous performance. Rogier Stoffers' cinematography is a character in itself.

  7. David Cohen-Tanugi's rating of the film Mongol

    A fun film about Gengish Kahn with rather decent filmography. The storyline departs from the historical records towards the end, but the movie definitely makes you want to go to Mongolia and ride a horse in the steppe. And maybe find a beautiful wife like Borte.

  8. Algitya's rating of the film Mongol

    Really chnge a .P.OV of some people infamoufigure o he Tadanobu's charm is a pleasers

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  11. Nicholas R. Lukic's rating of the film Mongol

    This film was a revolution. It truly showed me how amazing foreign films can be, and I learned so much about one man's quest. What was unique was the fact that it was showing the early years of Genghis's life, and it shows you how he rose to lead the largest empire in the world to date. And even though a warlord, you can see he had so much appreciation for life and his family.

  12. Narda's rating of the film Mongol

  13. watchme's rating of the film Mongol

    Absoultely fantastic film, one of the best I have seen in a long time. Part two please!

  14. Ike Cinecult's rating of the film Mongol

    Another historically inaccurate and totally lame foreign production. Also the dialect used in this film is not pure Mongolian (more like Chinese influenced Mongolian dialects from the Inner Mongolian province in China). Only Mongolian filmmaker should make a film about the Greatest Khan who ever lived.

  15. Enghebatu's rating of the film Mongol

    Most Mongolians are very offensive in this movie! Cause, It shows Chinggis(Not Genghis) Khan as a slave. This is quite fictional, sophisticated Mongolian history! But as for movie, It's pretty good movie!

  16. Bostonluna's rating of the film Mongol

    Absolutely love this film! When is the next film of the trilogy going to be released?