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  1. Photo of Walter Hugo Khouri

    Walter Hugo Khouri Director

  2. Photo of Eduardo Barrela

    Eduardo Barrela Producer

  3. Photo of Agostino Janequine

    Agostino Janequine Producer

  4. Photo of Mário Mattoso Neto

    Mário Mattoso Neto Screenplay

  5. Photo of Arnaldo Galvão

    Arnaldo Galvão Screenplay

  6. Photo of Maurício de Sousa

    Maurício de Sousa Screenplay and Director

  7. Photo of Márcio de Souza

    Márcio de Souza Screenplay

  8. Photo of Reinaldo Waisman

    Reinaldo Waisman Screenplay

  9. Photo of Rubens Kiyomura

    Rubens Kiyomura Screenplay

  10. Photo of Robson Barreto de Lacerda

    Robson Barreto de Lacerda Screenplay

  11. Photo of M. Mikio Oiwa

    M. Mikio Oiwa Screenplay

  12. Photo of Paulo Paiva

    Paulo Paiva Screenplay

  13. Photo of Rosana Munhoz

    Rosana Munhoz Screenplay

  14. Photo of Yara Maura Silva

    Yara Maura Silva Screenplay

  15. Photo of Reinaldo Barbirato

    Reinaldo Barbirato Cinematography

  16. Photo of Antonio Meliande

    Antonio Meliande Cinematography

  17. Photo of Francisco A. Shiraishi

    Francisco A. Shiraishi Cinematography

  18. Photo of Tetê Espíndola

    Tetê Espíndola Cast

  19. Photo of Angélica Santos

    Angélica Santos Cast

  20. Photo of Marli Bortoletto

    Marli Bortoletto Cast

  21. Photo of Elza Gonçalves

    Elza Gonçalves Cast

  22. Photo of Paulo Cavalcante

    Paulo Cavalcante Cast

  23. Photo of Orlando Vigiani

    Orlando Vigiani Cast

  24. Photo of Mário Villela

    Mário Villela Cast

  25. Photo of José Parisi Jr.

    José Parisi Jr. Cast

  26. Photo of Eleu Salvador

    Eleu Salvador Cast

  27. Photo of Nelson Batista

    Nelson Batista Cast

  28. Photo of João Francisco

    João Francisco Cast

  29. Photo of Márcia Gomes

    Márcia Gomes Cast

  30. Photo of Sonia Peres

    Sonia Peres Cast

  31. Photo of Denise Simonetto

    Denise Simonetto Cast

  32. Photo of Renato Master

    Renato Master Cast

  33. Photo of José Aroaldo Ferreira

    José Aroaldo Ferreira Editing

  34. Photo of Silvia Góes

    Silvia Góes Music

  35. Photo of Cecília Aparecida

    Cecília Aparecida Animation

  36. Photo of Jorge Barreto de Lacerda

    Jorge Barreto de Lacerda Animation

  37. Photo of Sérgio Bentancour Sena

    Sérgio Bentancour Sena Animation

  38. Photo of Marcelo Coghi Lemos

    Marcelo Coghi Lemos Animation

  39. Photo of Rodney da Costa e Silva

    Rodney da Costa e Silva Animation

  40. Photo of Flávio Roberto da Silva

    Flávio Roberto da Silva Animation

  41. Photo of Renê Dalton

    Renê Dalton Animation

  42. Photo of Marisa Alves de Lima

    Marisa Alves de Lima Animation

  43. Photo of Cláudia A. Dias

    Cláudia A. Dias Animation

  44. Photo of Vidimar Galindo Dos Santos

    Vidimar Galindo Dos Santos Animation

  45. Photo of Fernando Ferreira

    Fernando Ferreira Animation

  46. Photo of Marcelo Ferreira

    Marcelo Ferreira Animation

  47. Photo of Rubens Gomes

    Rubens Gomes Animation

  48. Photo of Sandra Helena

    Sandra Helena Animation

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