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  1. Andrea Derizio's rating of the film Monkeylove

    Vintage filter, snow and surrealistic sensibility. Great interpretation of Hiroaki Muragishi.

  2. Riccardo Maffioli's rating of the film Monkeylove

  3. RM's rating of the film Monkeylove

    Royston Tan is a great actor!! gr <a href=””>roy</a>

  4. xoconostle's rating of the film Monkeylove

    A meditative little film infused with a profound sense of sadness. Despite the title and costume there is nothing flippant or comic here. In some scenes actor Muragishi appears to be sincerely crying in the presence of director Tan. There is some thoughtful discourse between Monkeyboy and a beautiful mountain. The film is dedicated to the memory of Muragishi, adding gravity to the film's already disconsolate tone.