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  1. Photo of Jean Marboeuf

    Jean Marboeuf Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Michel Galabru

    Michel Galabru Cast

  3. Photo of Marcel Guiet

    Marcel Guiet Cast

  4. Photo of Michèle Simonnet

    Michèle Simonnet Cast

  5. Photo of François Nocher

    François Nocher Cast

  6. Photo of Julie Marboeuf

    Julie Marboeuf Cast

  7. Photo of Micha Bayard

    Micha Bayard Cast

  8. Photo of Betty Berr

    Betty Berr Cast

  9. Photo of Jean Droze

    Jean Droze Cast

  10. Photo of Nane Germon

    Nane Germon Cast

  11. Photo of Gillian Gill

    Gillian Gill Cast

  12. Photo of Dominique Jayr

    Dominique Jayr Cast

  13. Photo of Claude Legros

    Claude Legros Cast

  14. Photo of Bernard Léonard

    Bernard Léonard Cast

  15. Photo of Christiane Tissot

    Christiane Tissot Cast

  16. Photo of Lucienne Hamon

    Lucienne Hamon Cast

  17. Photo of Michel Aumont

    Michel Aumont Cast

  18. Photo of José Artur

    José Artur Cast

  19. Photo of Andréas Voutsinas

    Andréas Voutsinas Cast

  20. Photo of Denis Manuel

    Denis Manuel Cast

  21. Photo of Antonio Diaz

    Antonio Diaz Cinematography

  22. Photo of Jean-François Davy

    Jean-François Davy Producer

  23. Photo of Bernard Legargeant

    Bernard Legargeant Executive Producer

  24. Photo of Anne-France Lebrun

    Anne-France Lebrun Editing

  25. Photo of Paul Bertault

    Paul Bertault Sound

  26. Photo of Germain Chalvignac

    Germain Chalvignac Sound