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  1. Photo of Sidney Olcott

    Sidney Olcott Director, Producer

  2. Photo of Booth Tarkington

    Booth Tarkington Screenplay

  3. Photo of Evelyn Greenleaf Sutherland

    Evelyn Greenleaf Sutherland Screenplay

  4. Photo of Forrest Halsey

    Forrest Halsey Screenplay

  5. Photo of Hugo Riesenfeld

    Hugo Riesenfeld Music

  6. Photo of Harry Fischbeck

    Harry Fischbeck Cinematography

  7. Photo of Patricia Rooney

    Patricia Rooney Editing

  8. Photo of Natacha Rambova

    Natacha Rambova Production Design

  9. Photo of Rudolph Valentino

    Rudolph Valentino Cast

  10. Photo of Bebe Daniels

    Bebe Daniels Cast

  11. Photo of Lois Wilson

    Lois Wilson Cast

  12. Photo of Doris Kenyon

    Doris Kenyon Cast

  13. Photo of Lowell Sherman

    Lowell Sherman Cast

  14. Photo of Paulette Duval

    Paulette Duval Cast

  15. Photo of John Davidson

    John Davidson Cast

  16. Photo of Oswald Yorke

    Oswald Yorke Cast

  17. Photo of Flora Finch

    Flora Finch Cast

  18. Photo of Louis Waller

    Louis Waller Cast

  19. Photo of Ian Maclaren

    Ian Maclaren Cast

  20. Photo of Frank Shannon

    Frank Shannon Cast

  21. Photo of Templar Powell

    Templar Powell Cast

  22. Photo of H. Cooper Cliffe

    H. Cooper Cliffe Cast

  23. Photo of Downing Clarke

    Downing Clarke Cast

  24. Photo of Yvonne Hughes

    Yvonne Hughes Cast

  25. Photo of Harry Lee

    Harry Lee Cast

  26. Photo of Florence O'Denishawn

    Florence O'Denishawn Cast

  27. Photo of Brian Donlevy

    Brian Donlevy Cast