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  1. Photo of Maurice Cloche

    Maurice Cloche Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Jean Bernard-Luc

    Jean Bernard-Luc Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jean Anouilh

    Jean Anouilh Screenplay

  4. Photo of Pierre Fresnay

    Pierre Fresnay Cast

  5. Photo of Aimé Clariond

    Aimé Clariond Cast

  6. Photo of Jean Debucourt

    Jean Debucourt Cast

  7. Photo of Lise Delamare

    Lise Delamare Cast

  8. Photo of Germaine Dermoz

    Germaine Dermoz Cast

  9. Photo of Gabrielle Dorziat

    Gabrielle Dorziat Cast

  10. Photo of Pierre Dux

    Pierre Dux Cast

  11. Photo of Yvonne Gaudeau

    Yvonne Gaudeau Cast

  12. Photo of Michel Bouquet

    Michel Bouquet Cast

  13. Photo of Jean Carmet

    Jean Carmet Cast

  14. Photo of Gabrielle Fontan

    Gabrielle Fontan Cast

  15. Photo of Robert Murzeau

    Robert Murzeau Cast

  16. Photo of Marcel Pérès

    Marcel Pérès Cast

  17. Photo of Marcel Vallée

    Marcel Vallée Cast

  18. Photo of Francette Vernillat

    Francette Vernillat Cast

  19. Photo of Georges Vitray

    Georges Vitray Cast

  20. Photo of Claude Renoir

    Claude Renoir Cinematography

  21. Photo of Jean-Jacques Grünenwald

    Jean-Jacques Grünenwald Music

  22. Photo of René Renoux

    René Renoux Production Design

  23. Photo of Viscount George de la Grandiere

    Viscount George de la Grandiere Producer

  24. Photo of Jean Feyte

    Jean Feyte Editing