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  1. Photo of William A. Fraker

    William A. Fraker Director

  2. Photo of David Zelag Goodman

    David Zelag Goodman Screenplay

  3. Photo of Lukas Heller

    Lukas Heller Screenplay

  4. Photo of Jack Schaefer

    Jack Schaefer Screenplay

  5. Photo of Lee Marvin

    Lee Marvin Cast

  6. Photo of Jack Palance

    Jack Palance Cast

  7. Photo of Jeanne Moreau

    Jeanne Moreau Cast

  8. Photo of Mitch Ryan

    Mitch Ryan Cast

  9. Photo of Jim Davis

    Jim Davis Cast

  10. Photo of G.D. Spradlin

    G.D. Spradlin Cast

  11. Photo of John Hudkins

    John Hudkins Cast

  12. Photo of Raymond Guth

    Raymond Guth Cast

  13. Photo of John McKee

    John McKee Cast

  14. Photo of Michael Conrad

    Michael Conrad Cast

  15. Photo of Tom Heaton

    Tom Heaton Cast

  16. Photo of Ted Gehring

    Ted Gehring Cast

  17. Photo of Bo Hopkins

    Bo Hopkins Cast

  18. Photo of John McLiam

    John McLiam Cast

  19. Photo of Allyn Ann McLerie

    Allyn Ann McLerie Cast

  20. Photo of Matt Clark

    Matt Clark Cast

  21. Photo of Billy Green Bush

    Billy Green Bush Cast

  22. Photo of Richard Farnsworth

    Richard Farnsworth Cast

  23. Photo of David M. Walsh

    David M. Walsh Cinematography

  24. Photo of John Barry

    John Barry Music

  25. Photo of Albert Brenner

    Albert Brenner Production Design

  26. Photo of Hal Landers

    Hal Landers Producer

  27. Photo of Bobby Roberts

    Bobby Roberts Producer

  28. Photo of Richard K. Brockway

    Richard K. Brockway Editing

  29. Photo of Ray Daniels

    Ray Daniels Editing

  30. Photo of Gene Fowler Jr.

    Gene Fowler Jr. Editing

  31. Photo of Robert L. Wolfe

    Robert L. Wolfe Editing