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  1. Photo of Walter Lang

    Walter Lang Director

  2. Photo of Darryl F. Zanuck

    Darryl F. Zanuck Executive Producer

  3. Photo of Harry Joe Brown

    Harry Joe Brown Producer

  4. Photo of Stephen Powys

    Stephen Powys Screenplay

  5. Photo of George Seaton

    George Seaton Screenplay

  6. Photo of Lynn Starling

    Lynn Starling Screenplay

  7. Photo of Vincent Lawrence

    Vincent Lawrence Screenplay

  8. Photo of Brown Holmes

    Brown Holmes Screenplay

  9. Photo of Allen M. Davey

    Allen M. Davey Cinematography

  10. Photo of J. Peverell Marley

    J. Peverell Marley Cinematography

  11. Photo of Leon Shamroy

    Leon Shamroy Cinematography

  12. Photo of Don Ameche

    Don Ameche Cast

  13. Photo of Betty Grable

    Betty Grable Cast

  14. Photo of Robert Cummings

    Robert Cummings Cast

  15. Photo of Carole Landis

    Carole Landis Cast

  16. Photo of Jack Haley

    Jack Haley Cast

  17. Photo of Charlotte Greenwood

    Charlotte Greenwood Cast

  18. Photo of Cobina Wright

    Cobina Wright Cast

  19. Photo of Lynne Roberts

    Lynne Roberts Cast

  20. Photo of Robert Conway

    Robert Conway Cast

  21. Photo of George Lessey

    George Lessey Cast

  22. Photo of Jack Cole & Co

    Jack Cole & Co Cast

  23. Photo of Robert Greig

    Robert Greig Cast

  24. Photo of Minor Watson

    Minor Watson Cast

  25. Photo of Fortunio Bonanova

    Fortunio Bonanova Cast

  26. Photo of George Humbert

    George Humbert Cast

  27. Photo of Spencer Charters

    Spencer Charters Cast

  28. Photo of Walter Thompson

    Walter Thompson Editing

  29. Photo of Richard Day

    Richard Day Production Design

  30. Photo of Wiard Ihnen

    Wiard Ihnen Production Design

  31. Photo of David Buttolph

    David Buttolph Music

  32. Photo of Charles Henderson

    Charles Henderson Music

  33. Photo of Cyril J. Mockridge

    Cyril J. Mockridge Music

  34. Photo of Alfred Newman

    Alfred Newman Music

  35. Photo of Roger Heman Sr.

    Roger Heman Sr. Sound

  36. Photo of Arthur von Kirbach

    Arthur von Kirbach Sound

  37. Photo of Sam Benson

    Sam Benson Costume Design