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  1. Joao Sobral's rating of the film Moon

    I was utterly disappointed with this movie, maybe because of the 3.9 rating and very good critics. Anyway i didn´t find it claustrophobic, it had very bad acting moments, bad vfx and cgi, the twists timing were awful, the story makes no sense, and i didn´t care for the character. I just give it two stars because i still wanted to watch the end.

  2. Morris Bros.'s rating of the film Moon

  3. Scott Dubin's rating of the film Moon

    The plot, once all the twists are over with, is very, very, silly. That said the sense of paranoia in a science fiction setting it well done, and the film seems to be in dialogue with 2001 A Space Odyssey in a fun, genre savvy sort of way. Not a great film, but not a bad one either.

  4. Vielleicht An Stillen Tagen's rating of the film Moon

    Dieser meist ruhig erzählte Film ist ein intensives Science-Fiction-Drama mit inspirierendem Charakter und ein sehr gelungenes Regie-Debüt von Duncan Jones. Geschichte, Optik und Sound passen hervorragend zu meinem Geschmack und gerade auch dieser Film hat seinen Teil dazu beigetragen, dass sich das Genre Science-Fiction wieder bei mir zu einem Liebling entwickelte. Ein intensiver Film! ... meint auch GERTY. :)

  5. Hippie Anime Trash's rating of the film Moon

  6. ruth's rating of the film Moon

    An incredibly focused work of sci-fi. Claustrophobic, visceral and truly allows for a deep exploration of the moral implications of human progress. It is visually stunning, assured and, in keeping the set, effects and dialogue minimal it rarely puts a foot wrong.

  7. Søren Ulf's rating of the film Moon

  8. Ilona Buffet's rating of the film Moon

    It's a great film but all I can think of right now is the cult dogge "Moon Moon"

  9. atthesssea's rating of the film Moon

    i wish i watch this before Oblivion

  10. Joao Domingues's rating of the film Moon

    I rejected the whole premise of conscious clone slaves. The plot seemed too contrived. "Hey, there's a dude who looks just like me, he even sounds like me but fuck it there's no time for an existential crisis I'm going home in two weeks biatches".Deus Ex Machina GERTY. There's no attempt to even try to explore the deeper issues raised.

  11.'s rating of the film Moon

  12. paxy's rating of the film Moon

    Double rape: 2001 + Solaris

  13. J. O.'s rating of the film Moon

    Brings very little originality to the table while borrowing far too much from the great work of others. When Lost River was released and everyone sneered it was a mash-up of other peoples' work - I remembered this. Essentially a lookbook of the director's favourite sci-fi films that deal with loneliness, humanity, artificial intelligence, and the colonization of space (among other things). I prefer HAL.

  14. bebru's rating of the film Moon

  15. Fré Verguchten's rating of the film Moon

  16. Trunfos's rating of the film Moon

  17. Chien Yi's rating of the film Moon

    薩姆還是到了原點 兔子啊~我們也是

  18.'s rating of the film Moon

    (...) Die klassischen philosophischen Fragen des Genres nach dem Ursprung der Existenz oder dem Willen künstlicher Intelligenz sind in Moon allerdings mit Vorsicht zu geniessen: Sie bleiben postmoderne Referenz an die Klassiker des Genres ohne Bedeutung für die Handlung. Fast alles in Jones Film verweist auf irgendetwas; wer Zitate sammeln wollte, müsste Moon noch einige Male durchstöbern (...)

  19. Shane's rating of the film Moon

    What's better than one Sam Rockwell ?

  20. alucarda's rating of the film Moon

    real nice, still kinda science-gimmicky, in the end not much more than like a really exciting kind of twilight zone episode. hi, kaya scodelario!

  21. Mark O. Stack's rating of the film Moon

    I always thought movies with Sam Rockwell in them could still use more Sam Rockwell.

  22. Joyce's rating of the film Moon

    never expected it to be that eerie.

  23.'s rating of the film Moon

    I liked this and its dark subject matter. Well acted and keeps you guessing.

  24. Emmet Gingles's rating of the film Moon

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