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  1. Photo of Rúaidhrí Conroy

    Rúaidhrí Conroy Cast

  2. Photo of Ian Shaw

    Ian Shaw Cast

  3. Photo of Julia Brendler

    Julia Brendler Cast

  4. Photo of Marianne Faithfull

    Marianne Faithfull Cast

  5. Photo of Brendan Grace

    Brendan Grace Cast

  6. Photo of Jasmine Russell

    Jasmine Russell Cast

  7. Photo of Darren Monks

    Darren Monks Cast

  8. Photo of Tom Hickey

    Tom Hickey Cast

  9. Photo of Gerard McSorley

    Gerard McSorley Cast

  10. Photo of David Kelly

    David Kelly Cast

  11. Photo of Dagmar Hirtz

    Dagmar Hirtz Director, Editing

  12. Photo of Mark Watters

    Mark Watters Screenplay

  13. Photo of Burt Weinshanker

    Burt Weinshanker Screenplay

  14. Photo of Francis Stuart

    Francis Stuart Screenplay

  15. Photo of Jonathan Cavendish

    Jonathan Cavendish Producer

  16. Photo of Guy East

    Guy East Executive Producer

  17. Photo of James Mitchell

    James Mitchell Executive Producer

  18. Photo of Rainer Söhnlein

    Rainer Söhnlein Executive Producer

  19. Photo of Van Morrison

    Van Morrison Music

  20. Photo of Fiachra Trench

    Fiachra Trench Music

  21. Photo of Steven Bernstein

    Steven Bernstein Cinematography

  22. Photo of Tom Conroy

    Tom Conroy Production Design

  23. Photo of Mel Kutbay

    Mel Kutbay Sound