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  1. Photo of Paulo Rocha

    Paulo Rocha Director, Screenplay

  2. Photo of Etsuko Takano

    Etsuko Takano Producer

  3. Photo of Manuel Guanilho

    Manuel Guanilho Producer

  4. Photo of Katsuhiko Takemura

    Katsuhiko Takemura Producer

  5. Photo of José Maria Gomes

    José Maria Gomes Producer

  6. Photo of António Escudeiro

    António Escudeiro Cinematography

  7. Photo of Yoshihiro Kono

    Yoshihiro Kono Cinematography

  8. Photo of Ryoichi Sakai

    Ryoichi Sakai Cinematography

  9. Photo of Ekiji Matsumura

    Ekiji Matsumura Cast

  10. Photo of Jakucho Setouchi

    Jakucho Setouchi Cast

  11. Photo of Armando Martins Janeira

    Armando Martins Janeira Cast

  12. Photo of Adelaide Moraes Costa

    Adelaide Moraes Costa Cast

  13. Photo of P. Manuel Teixeira

    P. Manuel Teixeira Cast

  14. Photo of Wenceslau de Couto

    Wenceslau de Couto Cast

  15. Photo of Emiko Akagawa

    Emiko Akagawa Cast

  16. Photo of Yújun Washino

    Yújun Washino Cast

  17. Photo of Masaji Kurokawa

    Masaji Kurokawa Editing

  18. Photo of Takao Saotome

    Takao Saotome Editing

  19. Photo of Paulo Brandão

    Paulo Brandão Music

  20. Photo of Mamoru Komari

    Mamoru Komari Sound

  21. Photo of Tsutomu Honda

    Tsutomu Honda Sound

  22. Photo of Akira Kurosu

    Akira Kurosu Sound