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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Danny Bailey's rating of the film More Tales of the City

    My only complaint about this series are the recasts. Paul Gross, Chloe Webb, and Nina Foch were great as Brian, Mona, and Frannie respectively, the actors playing those roles aren't as good. The Mouse in this one is just as good in my opinion. The standout scene stealer is Jackie Burroughs as Mother Mucca, who should have been nominated for an Emmy. She makes the series worthwhile to watch.

  2. Roscoe's rating of the film More Tales of the City

    Some unfortunate casting makes this something of an ordeal. Paul Hopkins and Nina Siemaszko are just not up to the levels of Marcus D'Amico and Chloe Webb, and the storylines just aren't as interesting as they were in the first series. You can skip this with a clear conscience.