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  1. Photo of Juan Padrón

    Juan Padrón Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Senel Paz

    Senel Paz Screenplay

  3. Photo of Manuel Marín

    Manuel Marín Voice

  4. Photo of Margarita Aguero

    Margarita Aguero Voice

  5. Photo of Frank González

    Frank González Voice

  6. Photo of Irela Bravo

    Irela Bravo Voice

  7. Photo of Armando Alba

    Armando Alba Cinematography

  8. Photo of Rembert Egües

    Rembert Egües Music

  9. Photo of Juan José Mendy

    Juan José Mendy Executive Producer

  10. Photo of Camilo Vives

    Camilo Vives Executive Producer

  11. Photo of Guillermo Maldonado

    Guillermo Maldonado Editing

  12. Photo of Rosa María Carreras

    Rosa María Carreras Sound

  13. Photo of Carlos Fernández

    Carlos Fernández Sound and Editing

  14. Photo of María del Carmen López

    María del Carmen López Sound