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  1. malachiesipucheala94's rating of the film Morgan

  2. msmichel's rating of the film Morgan

    Silly sci-fi tale that brings to mind far better films as well as some equally dumb ones. The film would be almost worthless if not for committed performances by Kate Mara and Anya Taylor-Joy, and a final twist that makes some of the previous plot points almost bearable.

  3. J. O.'s rating of the film Morgan

    Generic, predictable, devoid of any heart and soul - much like Morgan, I suppose. The movie boasts a surprisingly bad makeup job, underwritten token characters, underused talent (when it was present), bland aesthetic, and a soundtrack that must have come from a free archive library. My only question was how does a test-tube baby know martial arts and firearms when they're not taught? Beyond boring.

  4. Draughtsman Without Contract's rating of the film Morgan

    Quite interesting; and then it wasn't.

  5. RumbleFish's rating of the film Morgan

    Noiosissimo. Non c'è una gran regia (unica nota: visi riflessi nel vetro), i personaggi non son mai approfonditi o motivo d'interesse, la trama è banale e in un film normale si sarebbe esaurita in 10minuti. Non viene approfondita la parte psicologica, non c'è un solo momento emozionante, gli attori recitano con davvero poca convinzione. Meglio Hanna, Nikita, Leon, Matrix.

  6. anarresti's rating of the film Morgan

    It's just my biased taste. I don't like thrillers. They seem predictable and boring. The rhythm, atmosphere, the "surprises" always seem to condition and funnel the plot, and it's boring and narrowing. This idea felt like it had potential to be explored in a different setting. Thrillers, to me, seem to spoil good ideas. Good acting.

  7. Matt Kovar's rating of the film Morgan

    Felt rushed. Great story and certainly engaging, but too many developments were over looked, or left out rather, or not explored fully. It plays as a scientific psychological thriller that just wants to be an action movie.

  8. Tasha saraswati's rating of the film Morgan

  9. Mariana Mara Nascimento's rating of the film Morgan

    2.5 | fell short. I did like Anya Taylor-Joy and would love to see her character go beyond what was done here.

  10. Viginti_tres's rating of the film Morgan

    Speculative fiction exists to explore a possible answer to a question that plagues society. 'Morgan' can only be the answer to one question: What if 'Ex Machina' was bad?

  11. Dries's rating of the film Morgan

    non così male come vogliono far credere, e poi kate mara è n'signor pezzo de sorca!!!!!!!!

  12. HKFanatic's rating of the film Morgan

    "Morgan's" slow-paced first act positions the film as a cross between "Ex Machina" and "Species." But by the time supporting characters started dropping faster than a giallo, and incoherent, sub-"Bourne" fight scenes were set to hyper electronic music, I realized I was trapped on an airplane watching the lamest episode of "Black Mirror" ever. Viewers would be wise to seek out the overlooked "Splice" instead.

  13. Star Lord's rating of the film Morgan

    Trama un po' banale, personaggi troppo fuori target. Buonissima interpretazione di Kate Mara.

  14. ABVH's rating of the film Morgan

    You Tube short movie level idea boringly expanded to a full length movie.

  15. superjano's rating of the film Morgan

  16. Palmat's rating of the film Morgan

    OK sci-fi thriller with stellar production values and a well rounded ensamble of actors. While there are many opportunities for this movie to take some interesting turns the director seems to settle for conventional thriller tropes that could only surprise the most clueless viewer. Despite the shallow and obvious plotting the movie is well made and entertains more than it should.

  17. EmiEmi's rating of the film Morgan

  18. Ilona Buffet's rating of the film Morgan

    I would too like to work in a company assessing AI

  19. Roxas Montezuma's rating of the film Morgan

  20. grotesc's rating of the film Morgan

  21. thejslewis's rating of the film Morgan

    In the wake of a violent incident at a research facility for artificial humans, the parent company sends a consultant to determine if termination is in order. Anya Taylor-Joy confirms her potential as Morgan, a lab-grown hominid that the team has grown attached to. Much like its titular character, MORGAN has a promising start before it snaps under a bevy of baffling decisions.

  22. Sean Patrick Stevens's rating of the film Morgan

    I just REALLY liked the tense interaction amongst all the characters. Normally the naivete of scientists in movies would be distracting/annoying but it was almost as if the scientists were part of a jim jones-ish cult with their petrie dish standing in for kool aide!

  23. chickenwing's rating of the film Morgan

  24. Rodrigo's rating of the film Morgan

    Kate sure knows how to pick them scripts, huh?

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