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  1. Bonnet Michel's rating of the film Morituri

  2. pluviosity's rating of the film Morituri

    you could add some more drama and bitterness in it, alongside some anti-war "message". But the movie chose not to, which probably is for the best.

  3. bulgrin's rating of the film Morituri

    Not as great as The Bridge but still one of the best (anti-)war movies until today with some exceptional camera work and a great cast.

  4. arlinda's rating of the film Morituri

    Brando with a German accent -- Ja! Fast-shifting spy-on-board flick, and it stirs you in deep waters before it sails on.

  5. Brotherdeacon's rating of the film Morituri

    Not the typical anti-war film, but a thinking war film that doesn't stoop to easy answers or high-contrast morality. Wonderful cast, tightly structured story, great B &W cinematography by Conrad Hall, all which left me with an aftertaste that lasted for days as I mulled over Bernhard Wicki's directorial decision making and the characterizations by Marlon Brando, Yul Brenner, Janet Margolin and a solid cast.

  6. Jaspar Lamar Crabb's rating of the film Morituri

    The teaming of Brando & Brynner is something to see

  7. Paul Johnson's rating of the film Morituri

    Amusing interplay between Yul Brynner and Marlon Brando, who kind of act at oblique angles at each other, and a certain wasted, melancholic tone keeps it all near-fantastic even when it doesn't quite know how to get to wherever it is it thinks it wants to go.