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  1. Photo of Fernando Pomares

    Fernando Pomares Director and Editing

  2. Photo of Jimmy Rodgers

    Jimmy Rodgers Music

  3. Photo of Elena Pomares

    Elena Pomares Production Design and Animation

  4. Photo of Alèxia Bas

    Alèxia Bas Producer

  5. Photo of Chloë Aubert

    Chloë Aubert Animation

  6. Photo of Juliette Cabalery

    Juliette Cabalery Animation

  7. Photo of Sophia Chevrier

    Sophia Chevrier Animation

  8. Photo of Toby Jackman

    Toby Jackman Animation

  9. Photo of Thomas Johan Eide

    Thomas Johan Eide Animation

  10. Photo of Fan Wen

    Fan Wen Animation

  11. Photo of Paulo Mosca

    Paulo Mosca Animation

  12. Photo of Alexander Petreski

    Alexander Petreski Animation

  13. Photo of Morten Riisberg Hansen

    Morten Riisberg Hansen Animation

  14. Photo of Nacho Rodríguez

    Nacho Rodríguez Animation

  15. Photo of Marion Roussel

    Marion Roussel Animation

  16. Photo of Marcel Tigchelaar

    Marcel Tigchelaar Animation