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  1. Photo of Nikos Nikolaidis

    Nikos Nikolaidis Director, Producer, and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Raymond Chandler

    Raymond Chandler Novel

  3. Photo of Philip K. Dick

    Philip K. Dick Novel

  4. Photo of Daphne Du Maurier

    Daphne Du Maurier Novel

  5. Photo of Herman Raucher

    Herman Raucher Novel

  6. Photo of Michele Valley

    Michele Valley Cast

  7. Photo of Takis Spiridakis

    Takis Spiridakis Cast

  8. Photo of Panos Thanassoulis

    Panos Thanassoulis Cast

  9. Photo of Dinos Katsouridis

    Dinos Katsouridis Cinematography

  10. Photo of Giorgos Hatzinasios

    Giorgos Hatzinasios Music

  11. Photo of Andreas Andreadakis

    Andreas Andreadakis Editing

  12. Photo of Ilias Ionesko

    Ilias Ionesko Sound

  13. Photo of Syvilla Katsouridi

    Syvilla Katsouridi Sound

  14. Photo of Thanassis Arvanitis

    Thanassis Arvanitis Sound

  15. Photo of Marie-Louise Bartholomew

    Marie-Louise Bartholomew Costume Design, Production Design, and Producer