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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Abhirup's rating of the film Most 72

    The way the commentary dovetails with the montage is hauntingly brilliant.Kudos to Tobias, Blue and team!

  2. Erdiawan's rating of the film Most 72

    where can i see this film???

  3. Max Slobodin's rating of the film Most 72

    A work of monumental importance. Twenty-eight years after SHOAH and fifty-eight after NIGHT AND FOG, the psychokinetic energy of atrocity still is so very much potent. And to those whose understanding only comes from history books or faint whispers, the confrontation elicits a new paradigm. The ghost of Guillaume is channeled by these individuals, a past very much alive and present. A reminder, a warning.

  4. InsertOzuReferencehere's rating of the film Most 72

    Reminds me so much of a William Carlos Williams poem. It is analytical in its form, but still manages to be heartbreaking. Trinh t. Minh Ha and Patrick Keiller eat your heart out

  5. Kenji's rating of the film Most 72

    I like the combination of collective approach and thoughtful personal response to Auschwitz; genuine emotion alongside calm, restrained film-making. Not grandiose statements, but quiet reflections, and meanings that seep in; juxtapositions, the horror, the passage of time, the grasses and nature, ongoing wars, tourism, the very different train journey now... I was reminded of Yeats' terrible beauty is born.