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  1. Photo of Thomas Robsahm

    Thomas Robsahm Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Martin Asphaug

    Martin Asphaug Director

  3. Photo of Arild Fröhlich

    Arild Fröhlich Director

  4. Photo of Sara Johnsen

    Sara Johnsen Director

  5. Photo of Magnus Martens

    Magnus Martens Director

  6. Photo of Hans Petter Moland

    Hans Petter Moland Director

  7. Photo of Terje Rangnes

    Terje Rangnes Director

  8. Photo of Ingebjørg Torgersen

    Ingebjørg Torgersen Director

  9. Photo of Morten Tyldum

    Morten Tyldum Director

  10. Photo of Nikolaj Frobenius

    Nikolaj Frobenius Screenplay

  11. Photo of Marion Hagen

    Marion Hagen Screenplay

  12. Photo of Kjetil Lismoen

    Kjetil Lismoen Screenplay

  13. Photo of Erlend Loe

    Erlend Loe Screenplay

  14. Photo of Harald Rosenløw-Eeg

    Harald Rosenløw-Eeg Screenplay

  15. Photo of Per Schreiner

    Per Schreiner Screenplay

  16. Photo of Ingar Helge Gimle

    Ingar Helge Gimle Cast

  17. Photo of Kim Haugen

    Kim Haugen Cast

  18. Photo of Bjarte Hjelmeland

    Bjarte Hjelmeland Cast

  19. Photo of Trond Høvik

    Trond Høvik Cast

  20. Photo of Marit Pia Jacobsen

    Marit Pia Jacobsen Cast

  21. Photo of Gjertrud L. Jynge

    Gjertrud L. Jynge Cast

  22. Photo of Ingrid Jørgensen

    Ingrid Jørgensen Cast

  23. Photo of Espen Karlsen

    Espen Karlsen Cast

  24. Photo of Siv Klynderud

    Siv Klynderud Cast

  25. Photo of Marianne Krogness

    Marianne Krogness Cast

  26. Photo of Henrik Mestad

    Henrik Mestad Cast

  27. Photo of Ole-Jørgen Nilsen

    Ole-Jørgen Nilsen Cast

  28. Photo of Sven Nordin

    Sven Nordin Cast

  29. Photo of Sverre Anker Ousdal

    Sverre Anker Ousdal Cast

  30. Photo of Edward Schultheiss

    Edward Schultheiss Cast

  31. Photo of Ågot Sendstad

    Ågot Sendstad Cast

  32. Photo of Sampda Sharma

    Sampda Sharma Cast

  33. Photo of Kristin Skogheim

    Kristin Skogheim Cast

  34. Photo of Nils Sletta

    Nils Sletta Cast

  35. Photo of Elin Sogn

    Elin Sogn Cast

  36. Photo of Kirsti Stubø

    Kirsti Stubø Cast

  37. Photo of Inger Teien

    Inger Teien Cast

  38. Photo of John Andreas Andersen

    John Andreas Andersen Cinematography

  39. Photo of Anders Flatland

    Anders Flatland Cinematography

  40. Photo of Gaute Gunnari

    Gaute Gunnari Cinematography

  41. Photo of Trond Høines

    Trond Høines Cinematography

  42. Photo of John Erik Kaada

    John Erik Kaada Music

  43. Photo of Ørjan Karlsen

    Ørjan Karlsen Producer

  44. Photo of Yngve Sæther

    Yngve Sæther Producer