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  1. Photo of Kevin Connor

    Kevin Connor Director

  2. Photo of Robert Jaffe

    Robert Jaffe Screenplay and Producer

  3. Photo of Steven-Charles Jaffe

    Steven-Charles Jaffe Screenplay and Producer

  4. Photo of Tim Tuchrello

    Tim Tuchrello Screenplay

  5. Photo of Rory Calhoun

    Rory Calhoun Cast

  6. Photo of Paul Linke

    Paul Linke Cast

  7. Photo of Nancy Parsons

    Nancy Parsons Cast

  8. Photo of Nina Axelrod

    Nina Axelrod Cast

  9. Photo of Wolfman Jack

    Wolfman Jack Cast

  10. Photo of Elaine Joyce

    Elaine Joyce Cast

  11. Photo of Dick Curtis

    Dick Curtis Cast

  12. Photo of Thomas Del Ruth

    Thomas Del Ruth Cinematography

  13. Photo of Lance Rubin

    Lance Rubin Music

  14. Photo of Herb Jaffe

    Herb Jaffe Executive Producer

  15. Photo of Bernard Gribble

    Bernard Gribble Editing

  16. Photo of Don J. Bassman

    Don J. Bassman Sound

  17. Photo of Chris Carpenter

    Chris Carpenter Sound

  18. Photo of Pat Egan

    Pat Egan Sound