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  1. Photo of Mark Donskoy

    Mark Donskoy Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Nikolai Kovarsky

    Nikolai Kovarsky Screenplay

  3. Photo of Maxim Gorky

    Maxim Gorky Novel

  4. Photo of Vera Maretskaya

    Vera Maretskaya Cast

  5. Photo of Aleksey Batalov

    Aleksey Batalov Cast

  6. Photo of Nikifor Kolofidin

    Nikifor Kolofidin Cast

  7. Photo of Andrey Petrov

    Andrey Petrov Cast

  8. Photo of Pavel Usovnichenko

    Pavel Usovnichenko Cast

  9. Photo of Sergei Kurilov

    Sergei Kurilov Cast

  10. Photo of Tatyana Piletskaya

    Tatyana Piletskaya Cast

  11. Photo of Liliya Gritsenko

    Liliya Gritsenko Cast

  12. Photo of Vladimir Marenkov

    Vladimir Marenkov Cast

  13. Photo of Pavel Volkov

    Pavel Volkov Cast

  14. Photo of Konstantin Nemolyayev

    Konstantin Nemolyayev Cast

  15. Photo of Ivan Neganov

    Ivan Neganov Cast

  16. Photo of Evgeniy Baliev

    Evgeniy Baliev Cast

  17. Photo of Boris Bityukov

    Boris Bityukov Cast

  18. Photo of Oleg Borisov

    Oleg Borisov Cast

  19. Photo of Aleksei Mishurin

    Aleksei Mishurin Cinematography

  20. Photo of Lev Shvarts

    Lev Shvarts Music

  21. Photo of Vladimir Agranov

    Vladimir Agranov Production Design