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  1. Photo of Gleb Panfilov

    Gleb Panfilov Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Inna Churikova

    Inna Churikova Cast

  3. Photo of Viktor Rakov

    Viktor Rakov Cast

  4. Photo of Aleksandr Shishonok

    Aleksandr Shishonok Cast

  5. Photo of Liubomiras Laucevičius

    Liubomiras Laucevičius Cast

  6. Photo of Aleksandr Karin

    Aleksandr Karin Cast

  7. Photo of Dmitriy Pevtsov

    Dmitriy Pevtsov Cast

  8. Photo of Ivan Kabardin

    Ivan Kabardin Cast

  9. Photo of Vladimir Prozorov

    Vladimir Prozorov Cast

  10. Photo of Vladimir Fateyev

    Vladimir Fateyev Cast

  11. Photo of Antonella Interlenghi

    Antonella Interlenghi Cast

  12. Photo of Olga Shukshina

    Olga Shukshina Cast

  13. Photo of Sergei Bobrov

    Sergei Bobrov Cast

  14. Photo of Aleksey Buldakov

    Aleksey Buldakov Cast

  15. Photo of Andrey Rostotskiy

    Andrey Rostotskiy Cast

  16. Photo of Galina Zolotaryova

    Galina Zolotaryova Cast

  17. Photo of Innokentiy Smoktunovsky

    Innokentiy Smoktunovsky Cast

  18. Photo of Igor Bushmelyov

    Igor Bushmelyov Cast

  19. Photo of Valeriy Patseyev

    Valeriy Patseyev Cast

  20. Photo of Andrey Yarlykov

    Andrey Yarlykov Cast

  21. Photo of Sergey Badichkin

    Sergey Badichkin Cast

  22. Photo of Andrey Kharybin

    Andrey Kharybin Cast

  23. Photo of Yuri Naumkin

    Yuri Naumkin Cast

  24. Photo of Mario Adorf

    Mario Adorf Cast

  25. Photo of Mikhail Agranovich

    Mikhail Agranovich Cinematography

  26. Photo of Aleksandr Ilkhovskiy

    Aleksandr Ilkhovskiy Cinematography

  27. Photo of Vadim Bibergan

    Vadim Bibergan Music

  28. Photo of Francesco Cuppini

    Francesco Cuppini Production Design

  29. Photo of Valeri Kostrin

    Valeri Kostrin Production Design

  30. Photo of Levan Lazishvili

    Levan Lazishvili Production Design

  31. Photo of Anatoli Panfilov

    Anatoli Panfilov Production Design

  32. Photo of Roland Kazaryan

    Roland Kazaryan Sound

  33. Photo of Ganna Ganevskaya

    Ganna Ganevskaya Costume Design