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  1. Photo of Phil Jutzi

    Phil Jutzi Director and Cinematography

  2. Photo of Willy Döll

    Willy Döll Screenplay

  3. Photo of Jan Fethke

    Jan Fethke Screenplay

  4. Photo of Heinrich Zille

    Heinrich Zille Screenplay

  5. Photo of Alexandra Schmitt

    Alexandra Schmitt Cast

  6. Photo of Holmes Zimmermann

    Holmes Zimmermann Cast

  7. Photo of Ilse Trautschold

    Ilse Trautschold Cast

  8. Photo of Gerhard Bienert

    Gerhard Bienert Cast

  9. Photo of Friedrich Gnaß

    Friedrich Gnaß Cast

  10. Photo of Vera Sacharowa

    Vera Sacharowa Cast

  11. Photo of Fee Wachsmuth

    Fee Wachsmuth Cast

  12. Photo of Karl Haacker

    Karl Haacker Production Design

  13. Photo of Robert Scharfenberg

    Robert Scharfenberg Production Design

  14. Photo of Willi Münzenberg

    Willi Münzenberg Producer