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  1. Photo of Harald Sicheritz

    Harald Sicheritz Director and Screenplay

  2. Photo of Peter Berecz

    Peter Berecz Screenplay

  3. Photo of Alfred Dorfer

    Alfred Dorfer Screenplay and Cast

  4. Photo of Reinhard Nowak

    Reinhard Nowak Cast

  5. Photo of Andrea Händler

    Andrea Händler Cast

  6. Photo of Eva Billisich

    Eva Billisich Cast

  7. Photo of Roland Düringer

    Roland Düringer Cast and Screenplay

  8. Photo of Karl Künstler

    Karl Künstler Cast

  9. Photo of Silvia Fenz

    Silvia Fenz Cast

  10. Photo of Beatrice Frey

    Beatrice Frey Cast

  11. Photo of Gudrun Tielsch

    Gudrun Tielsch Cast

  12. Photo of Lukas Resetarits

    Lukas Resetarits Cast

  13. Photo of Willi Resetarits

    Willi Resetarits Cast

  14. Photo of I. Stangl

    I. Stangl Cast

  15. Photo of Herwig Seeböck

    Herwig Seeböck Cast

  16. Photo of Monica Weinzettl

    Monica Weinzettl Cast

  17. Photo of Walter Kordesch

    Walter Kordesch Cast

  18. Photo of Niki List

    Niki List Cast

  19. Photo of Karl Markovics

    Karl Markovics Cast

  20. Photo of Fritz Muliar

    Fritz Muliar Cast

  21. Photo of Günther Paal

    Günther Paal Cast

  22. Photo of Hanno Pöschl

    Hanno Pöschl Cast

  23. Photo of Helmut Pirnat

    Helmut Pirnat Cinematography

  24. Photo of Lothar Scherpe

    Lothar Scherpe Music

  25. Photo of Peter Janda

    Peter Janda Music

  26. Photo of Peter Herrmann

    Peter Herrmann Music

  27. Photo of Heinz Scheiderbauer

    Heinz Scheiderbauer Producer

  28. Photo of Sigi Borutta

    Sigi Borutta Executive Producer

  29. Photo of Paul M. Sedlacek

    Paul M. Sedlacek Editing