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  1. Photo of Eva Isaksen

    Eva Isaksen Director

  2. Photo of Ingvar Ambjørnsen

    Ingvar Ambjørnsen Screenplay

  3. Photo of Axel Hellstenius

    Axel Hellstenius Screenplay

  4. Photo of Per Christian Ellefsen

    Per Christian Ellefsen Cast

  5. Photo of Grete Nordrå

    Grete Nordrå Cast

  6. Photo of Helge Reiss

    Helge Reiss Cast

  7. Photo of Christin Borge

    Christin Borge Cast

  8. Photo of Per Schaaning

    Per Schaaning Cast

  9. Photo of Lena Meieran

    Lena Meieran Cast

  10. Photo of Ane Dahl Torp

    Ane Dahl Torp Cast

  11. Photo of Erland Bakker

    Erland Bakker Cast

  12. Photo of Torbjørn Paulsen

    Torbjørn Paulsen Cast

  13. Photo of Rolv Håan

    Rolv Håan Cinematography

  14. Photo of Lars Lillo-Stenberg

    Lars Lillo-Stenberg Music

  15. Photo of Martin Gant

    Martin Gant Production Design

  16. Photo of Dag Alveberg

    Dag Alveberg Producer

  17. Photo of Pål Gengenbach

    Pål Gengenbach Editing