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  1. DrFirestone's rating of the film Mouchette

    A truly memorable film about rebellion, poverty, and hopelessness... This is one of the most heartbreaking and dark films I've ever watched. The powerful performance from Nadine Nortier seems amplified by the somehow muted supporting characters, which creates tension and interesting dynamics combined with the slow-burning story. That ending...

  2. Andrujo's rating of the film Mouchette

    Fantástico: este era um dos meus muitos filmes-por-ver, e é absolutamente cativante, arrebatador; à noite sonhei com o cenário, com alguns personagens e tudo mais... acho que tentava reconfortar Mouchette... bravo, Bresson!

  3. Reynaldo Goulart's rating of the film Mouchette

  4. Dan Kenneth Gigernes's rating of the film Mouchette

    The injustice of rich people thriving on the poor has never been better explored than this one about a troubled and despaired young girl coming-of-age. If one should show anyone a film about the unfairness of the life you are born into than this one should be anyone's first choice. Nadine Nortier never again graced our screens making the final moments of the film even more gruesome.

  5. Samer's rating of the film Mouchette

    Captivating, thought provoking, delicate.

  6. JCGE2012's rating of the film Mouchette

  7. Ric O's rating of the film Mouchette

    Bresson is a unique director and Mouchette is a unique film. Symbologism wrapped in a masterful film-making style.

  8. elisa's rating of the film Mouchette

  9. Luis Sánchez's rating of the film Mouchette

    Una bien llevada historia de borrachos, siempre libando y a las patadas, servidos por la mujer. Sobre ese trasfondo, la tragedia de una niña incomprendida. Excelente película.

  10. Pegarange's rating of the film Mouchette

    5/10. Exploitation in the form of slow/artistic cinema is still exploitation. Bresson has no sympathy for his characters and uses film mosty as an excuse for animal cruelty. On the other hand, Nortier's performance and the cinematography are very good.

  11. lou.'s rating of the film Mouchette

    J'ai rarement vu des films aussi tragiques et douloureux... je ressens encore une profonde détresse sur moi. Quelle beauté poignante!

  12. Arijit Paul's rating of the film Mouchette

    I'll be honest here! I had watched "Diary Of A Country Priest" in my early cinema watching days and always felt Bresson to be difficult. "Mouchette" today changed everything I had thought of Bresson. My heart is heavy now and I don't think I'll be able to get over this film for a long time. I think Bresson might be a new favourite.

  13. I.Camera's rating of the film Mouchette

    Once lionized, Mouchette is less well-remembered today, which is a shame really. It's one of the great Bresson films, though also one of his most depressing, as a bedraggled teenager from a poor family drags herself around the countryside in torn clothing, abused by those around her. Bresson's themes of suffering and martyrdom are fully represented, and the performances from the non-actors are painfully realistic.

  14. thiago's rating of the film Mouchette

    Nice to watch Robert Bresson here.

  15. rlessa's rating of the film Mouchette

  16. Jesús's rating of the film Mouchette

    Obra maestra de Bresson. Escarba con sutileza en el universo infeliz y confuso de una joven atormentada por las circunstancias que vive. Como siempre en las películas de este director, hay detalles mínimos que transmiten emociones y la elevan a la categoría de referente.

  17. NCMBianchi's rating of the film Mouchette

    I am aware that this is a masterpiece, but to me it just was very dull and boring: I prefer many other movies for their neorealistic tones.

  18. Carlos Pineda's rating of the film Mouchette

    Magistral. Ante un aparente relato básico, Bresson despliega un control pleno de los medios narrativos: un encuadre muy bien logrado con una fotografía impecable, el trabajo de actuación preciso y la música medida. Muy pocos diálogos, una tensión sin excesos y una conclusión obvia después de construir lo anterior. Un maestro de la talla de Bresson podría lograr eso a punta de ensayo y buena dirección de actores.

  19. Feellikeanumber's rating of the film Mouchette

    Breathtaking clarity of vision. Formalism but in a good (almost) perfect way

  20. Wen's rating of the film Mouchette

    I know I can't be the first one thinking about the misrepresented Ophelia...

  21. lesminho's rating of the film Mouchette

  22. JCRF's rating of the film Mouchette

  23. Anees's rating of the film Mouchette

    Very powerful and evocative. Sub-titles were missing in most scenes but I still enjoyed it. The drama become vivid and intensifies as the film progresses towards the climax. Great achievement.

  24. alessandrofarris001's rating of the film Mouchette

    This is a direct, unflinching yet somehow otherworldly piece of cinema. To describe it as anything other than a filmic experience would take away from its power and Bresson's vision; it's like watching life unfold before your eyes. Everything is stripped back to its very core: acting, motions, noises, emotion. We are left with the cruelty of human nature right in front of us.

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