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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Mugino's rating of the film Mountains of the Moon

    This was my very first introduction to Patrick Bergin and Iain Glen. They both have extraordinary presence here (tragically relegated afterward to cardboard villain roles in trashy movies like "Sleeping with the Enemy" and "Resident Evil: Extinction"). The film thrives during the exploration of the African Great Lakes. It is an arduous yet sumptuous journey, gorgeously filmed by Roger Deakins.

  2. Christopher R. Smith's rating of the film Mountains of the Moon

    I love these kinds of old-fashioned adventure stories, but this film just didn't deliver. After a decent prologue, it takes way too long to get moving. Far too much of the film is set in England focusing on stodgy politics and dull social interactions. The scenes in Africa have their moments, but tend to be slow-paced and repetitive. A great looking film, but just never found it really compelling.