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Ratings & Reviews

  1. Alex Martin's rating of the film Mourning Day and Night

    This is upper-mid-tier RyJamCinema for me (which means it's very good!). I think it might be his most symbolically rich work to date, and both leads turn in really good performances. Loved the music too! The main flaw is I think it could've stood to be a little longer, with slower development of the arc that the two characters' relationship goes through, just to make it feel a little more organic.

  2. Douglas Reese's rating of the film Mourning Day and Night

    As many interesting directorial choices as misguided ones - with a central performance that doesn't match up to a good one from Jamison himself. A chamber drama that doesn't necessarily capture grief the way it wants to - a little too expository and fabricated rather than organic and understated.