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  1. Photo of Alan Metter

    Alan Metter Director

  2. Photo of Andy Breckman

    Andy Breckman Screenplay

  3. Photo of Richard Pryor

    Richard Pryor Cast

  4. Photo of Beverly Todd

    Beverly Todd Cast

  5. Photo of Stacey Dash

    Stacey Dash Cast

  6. Photo of Raphael Harris

    Raphael Harris Cast

  7. Photo of Ishmael Harris

    Ishmael Harris Cast

  8. Photo of Randy Quaid

    Randy Quaid Cast

  9. Photo of Claire Malis

    Claire Malis Cast

  10. Photo of John Wesley

    John Wesley Cast

  11. Photo of Traci Lind

    Traci Lind Cast

  12. Photo of Don Franklin

    Don Franklin Cast

  13. Photo of Gordon Jump

    Gordon Jump Cast

  14. Photo of Dave Thomas

    Dave Thomas Cast

  15. Photo of Julius Carry

    Julius Carry Cast

  16. Photo of Paul Willson

    Paul Willson Cast

  17. Photo of Lynne Marie Stewart

    Lynne Marie Stewart Cast

  18. Photo of Robert LaSardo

    Robert LaSardo Cast

  19. Photo of Bill Wiley

    Bill Wiley Cast

  20. Photo of Bibi Osterwald

    Bibi Osterwald Cast

  21. Photo of Dana Carvey

    Dana Carvey Cast

  22. Photo of Patrick Cranshaw

    Patrick Cranshaw Cast

  23. Photo of Morris Day

    Morris Day Cast

  24. Photo of King Kong Bundy

    King Kong Bundy Cast

  25. Photo of Joe Praml

    Joe Praml Cast

  26. Photo of Roger E. Reid

    Roger E. Reid Cast

  27. Photo of Lisa Moncure

    Lisa Moncure Cast

  28. Photo of Rae Allen

    Rae Allen Cast

  29. Photo of Michael Casey

    Michael Casey Cast

  30. Photo of Rodney Dangerfield

    Rodney Dangerfield Cast

  31. Photo of Donald McAlpine

    Donald McAlpine Cinematography

  32. Photo of Howard Shore

    Howard Shore Music

  33. Photo of David L. Snyder

    David L. Snyder Production Design

  34. Photo of Stuart Cornfeld

    Stuart Cornfeld Producer

  35. Photo of Alan Balsam

    Alan Balsam Editing

  36. Photo of Deborah Lynn Scott

    Deborah Lynn Scott Costume Design