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  1. Photo of Roman Davydov

    Roman Davydov Director

  2. Photo of Leonid Belokurov

    Leonid Belokurov Screenplay

  3. Photo of Rudyard Kipling

    Rudyard Kipling Screenplay

  4. Photo of Lev Shabarin

    Lev Shabarin Cast

  5. Photo of Lev Lyubetskiy

    Lev Lyubetskiy Cast

  6. Photo of Anatoli Papanov

    Anatoli Papanov Cast

  7. Photo of Vladimir Ushakov

    Vladimir Ushakov Cast

  8. Photo of Sergei Martinson

    Sergei Martinson Cast

  9. Photo of Lyudmila Kasatkina

    Lyudmila Kasatkina Cast

  10. Photo of Yuri Khrzhanovsky

    Yuri Khrzhanovsky Cast

  11. Photo of Stepan Bubnov

    Stepan Bubnov Cast

  12. Photo of Sofiya Gubajdulina

    Sofiya Gubajdulina Music

  13. Photo of Elena Petrova

    Elena Petrova Cinematography

  14. Photo of Lyubov Georgieva

    Lyubov Georgieva Editing

  15. Photo of Georgiy Martynyuk

    Georgiy Martynyuk Sound